Elder God vs. Phantoon

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The Scenario
Nosgoth was burning. It did not trouble the god. More souls, free of their mortal prisons, would be returned to him. The Wheel would turn, and the god would feed. So it would always be. Soon the plague would be dealt with, the vampire scourge wiped from the land like so many scattered leaves, and their dry and shriveled souls would again be his, to turn once again to Fate. But they were not.
They should have been his. What manner of creature was this, that scoured the world as if cursed with the same horrible hunger? Was it flesh or spirit, a thing not known to even immortal minds? It was the cause of this purge, a second parasite nurtured in the torturous womb of this shattered world. Prophecies failed before it, and how could they not? The form of this creature was simply alien, but not unlike the god's own. Tentacles adorned it, and its burning eye mirrored the god.
"Foolish beast," the god told it. "Your hunger is mine, and I know your mind. You cannot stop the Wheel of Fate."
There was no response but a screech of rage. It did not matter. The god could afford to be patient now, and forever. Time mattered little.
The beast began to feed. Souls flocked to it, transformed by its rage. Prisons formed again, macabre displays of bone and spirit, crying out in anguish and despair that would have been pleasing but a moment before. And the Wheel began to slow.
"No!" The god cried at this new scourge, this new plague. The souls could not return, trapped as they were by this alien beast. The god took action for the first time in centuries, raising his limbs in challenge. "You will feed the Wheel."
Now the beast turned, and its eye beheld the god. It bellowed in rage once more, and began the assault.


Phantoon, the multidimensional ghost of a Cosmic Horror takes the fight to Nosgoth, facing down the Elder God, the multidimensional Terrestrial Horror.

Just to make it perfectly clear, both combatants can see and harm one another. The battle takes place in a massive cave large enough to contain Phantoon and a reasonable portion of the Elder God. Phantoon's goal is to kill or otherwise get past the Elder God before going off to raze the rest of Nosgoth. The Elder God's goal is to kill or drive off Phantoon to protect the Wheel of Fate.

Awesome thread, especially with that long ass fanfic quote at the beginning. Wish I knew as much about this Elder God from experience as I do Phantoon. The links you gave to it gave me some insight, but still kind of a hard call for me between it and Phantoon. Chances are anyway, most here don't know squat about either one, so they won't post out of ignorance or out of not feeling like reading the info pages you linked to...
*hopes I'm proven wrong*

Burning thought
I think physical fight on physical fight the Elder God would last longer and eventually smother the area due to larger size and the ability to mulitply. Phantoon does not seem that large, and i think its fair to say that their actual powers are hard to gauge (e.g. the energy blasts they fire) because based purely on the first post Phantoon has as little cutscene/long term feats as the Elder Gods energy blasts from its eye/eyes.

Of course, limited knowledge of Phantoon overall is a problem. Overall, I would also say the weakness of phantoon is more obvious (its single eye?) while the Elder God has thousands of such eyes dotted across its form, its just a regenerating, multiplying mass while Phantoon seems to have a more consistent size.

I also agree to the above, more threads could be improved by a little fanfic or more information in the beginning.

Originally posted by Burning thought
Phantoon does not seem that large
Maybe not in Super Metroid, but Other M begs to differ my boy.


And Phantoon fires blasts from its eye some too, in addition to those specter-like hands it can spawn as shown in the above vid. You may perhaps have a point about that other stuff, though.

Burning thought
Well thats what I meant, compared to the EG its not as large (dont get me wrong, its big), not enough to make it important and as I said, its vulnerable because the EG has many eyes like those that Kain attacks, its not like Phantoons which is a single eye that seems important to it. I think if EG can use its tentacles, possibly limitless ones to just grab that eye stalk Phantoon will be in trouble. I think the energy blasts they can both use will be limited in use in this fight compared to tentacles.

The same tentacles that struggled to break free of fallen rocks?

Burning thought
I dont recall that. If anything I recall just one or two smashing through large slabs of rock.

The Scenario
Elder God and Phantoon don't have many cutcene, but from what I've seen in the gameplay they have vaguely similar abilities. The Elder God can smash fairly large rocks, but seems to struggle with others, while's cutcene time consists of being invisible and cracking some glass, albeit it must be some pretty tough glass seeing as it's the only thing between that room and empty space. In gameplay, though, Elder God can regenerate his tentacles and Phantoon starts smashing up the rest of the rest of the ship's frame. I would say they had vaguely similar strength.

Elder God has one eye based energy blast, relying on his tentacles for most actual combat. Phantoon, on the other hand, uses plasma ghost eyes and Rage Hands as his primary attack, while his tentacles just smash up the area and his eye beam makes a portal in the floor that explode if you fall into it.

Phantoon's eye is his only weak point, and the concept art suggest that it's because its the organ that allows him to exist in multiple dimensions. I don't think it kills him, but destroying his eye would cripple him and prevent him from accessing the material world. That would count as a win for the Elder God. For the Elder God's part, he also seems to have his eyes as a weakness, and destroying one seems to cripple him to the point he can't fight anymore. That would count as a win for Phantoon.

Burning thought
I dont think the Elder God has ever "attempted" to break rocks and failed, hes either attempted and broken them or not even tried. Also, dont forget his little energy shield he can use to protect his eye, he has a defence to protect it. Also if thats the rules, he who can damage/destroy the others eye first wins then fair enough.

The Scenario

He breaks some of the ledges pretty easily, but in the following cutscene he fails to break one on the first strike and has to try again.

Burning thought
Seems like he was just trying to hit Raziel since the final ledge does not look much different to all the others, although he did not struggle against it, he just hit it then broke it when he used a few of them.

He has all of them, perhaps hundreds in this thread I suppose or is this simply the piece of the EG Kain fights?

The Scenario
Still doesn't change the fact that Elder God failed to break a rock on his first attempt.

It's basically the Defiance boss fight.

Burning thought
Well, your the one assuming it was an attempt. Looks to me like I said he was just trying to hit raziel.

Amazing thread is amazing.

Burning thought
Personally I think its a good thread but I think the characters are harder to gauge than most, I dont know much about Phantoon but the Elder God because its a sort of background character has less facts to bring to the table, we only know a few things.

Basically agreed, but at least this thread didn't get totally ignored like most of its kind (as far as those that are hard to gauge anyway).

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