Big Bang Beat

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First of all.. Let me make sure that you all know I checked the rules but if I made a mistake, please tell me.

1. I used the Search function and looked up both the full game title and part of the title just to be sure. There was absolutely nothing on it.

2. No duplicate threads.

3. It's on a game, not a console so making a new discussion should be allowed.

4. I just wanted to state my opinion and see if anyone had any knowledge of it and can discuss it with me.

5. I don't intend to.

6. Does not Apply.

7. I might have misunderstood but if I read it correct, this is about a Computer Game, not a regular computer. I think that means it's okay but I was unsure. I think by Computer/Video Games it means don't talk about Computers but it's okay to talk about games on them.

8. This part got me. I'm pretty sure it's allowed, I don't think the game is related to any of it though I have heard about torrents with it but then I hear about that with a lot of games so... I looked and it looks to be a legit game. I did a bit of research on it so yes.

9. It's just about the one game, no other games being involved.

10. Does not Apply.

Okay! Now that is taken care of, time to get down to my original point of making this thread here!

The game is called "Big Bang Beat". It's a 2D Fighting game that I've seen on the PC (while it has relation to other games, I'm speaking only of this game so please don't let other game information mess up its rep). It was created from what I've seen somewhere around the year 2007 or possibly before. It has a mixture of characters with many different styles and abilities.

The game itself may have lower graphics then most games now a days though I still believe it has very good qualities. In contrast to most 2D Games this game has a lot of Flash and Speed in it. My favorite character from it so far appears to be Kunagi Tenrou- A Wolf-Demon Character with impressive speed who uses her hands as her weapon.

I was wondering if anybody else saw this game or has played it and if so if they would like to share any information they have on it. I really hope I get some response for it! Thank you!


I've seen gameplay of it and a friend of mine have played. It looks pretty good for a dojin game. It's so far the only dojin game I know where the characters actually look like fighters. It looks like an SNK game, to be honest.

I tried downloading the Demo O.o no luck with it so far. Stupid patches!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.