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Volundro Ramm
Prequel EU vs. Original EU vs NJO EU

In my eyes i see Star Wars EU in three different pieces. First came the original EU. "Spinter of a minds Eye" was the first but "Hier to the Empire" was really the book that started it off, then a whole load of Xwing novels came out and a whole bunch of other trilogys. Then i suppose the NJO series and the Prequel novels started at pretty much the same time. Vector Prime and Rogue Planet, which funnily enough are now link the Prequel EU and the NJO EU together. Looking at it like that it kinda reminds me of the original Star Wars Trilogy of movies...

Original=A New Hope
NJO=Empire Strikes Back
Prequel=Return of the Jedi

Uh oh, im gettin deep and complex again. Oh well. Anyway, my point is, how do they compare? Which is better?

Original: Started off with a bang with "The Thrawn Trilogy" and has by far the most amount of titles. Stand out books(in my opinion)were...
The Thrawn Trilogy
The Xwing Novels
The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy
The Jedi Academy Trilogy
The Han Solo Trilogy(not adventures)
The Hand of Thrawn Duology
I, Jedi
All good reads, but there are some stinkers aswell. "The Crystal Star", "Children of the Jedi", "Darksaber" and "Planet of Twilight" were all pretty bad. Still a strong contender...

NJO:This huge series of books along the same stortline started in 1999 and is still on going. Ending this year with its 19th book. Starting with "Vector Prime" by R.A. Salvatore it took on a bold step and changed alot of peoples outlook on Star Wars EU(mine included). My highlights include...
Vector Prime
Darktides Duology
Heros Trial
Destinys Way
Bad books include "Dark Journey" which was terrible. This is a huge storyline with book release dates spanning 4 years, and includes alot of major events inlcuding the death of Chewbacca. Over all very impressive but still ongoing...

Prequel:Alot of the books in Prequel EU surround the Prequel movies. Starting with Rogue Planet in 2000. And hasnt really got going yet. But the signs are good...The only highlight for me so far was...
Shadow Hunter
"Rogue Planet" dissapointed me alot although now it has greater meaning being linked to the NJO series. Other books like "The Approaching Storm" and "Cloak of Deception" didnt realy appeal to me. But now with the NJO series comming to an end Del Rey have taken to Star Wars EU torch to "The Clone Wars" with books, comics and even cartoon. Me for one cant wait to read "Shatterpoint" by Matthew Woodring Stover as my favourite NJO novel was "Traitor" by the man himself. Still this is very much one for the future.

After me rambling on about nothing much, what are other peoples thoughts...?

Captain REX
I don't read alot of EU books...

Oh I read alot......

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