Gill runs the Gauntlet

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Snafu the Great
Gill is by far, the toughest of the bosses to grace the screen. So...what happens when the self-proclaimed god (who is by canon, more powerful than Akuma himself), decide to test his skills against the best that the VG world has to offer?

1. Sindel (powered with Shang's soul)
2. Shao Kahn
3. Ryu Hayabusa
4. Leopold Goenitz
5. Alpha-154
6. Krizalid
7. Original Zero
8. Shin Bison
9. Albert Wesker
10. Kratos
11. Kazuya Mishima

Dammit, I wanted to add Doctor Doom to the list, but I don't want it locked. Oh well.

Zack Fair
Is this strict hand to hand or can Hayabusa use his weapons? Also...the gauntlet is out of order.

Yes, the gauntlet order is quite strange...

However I think that Gill has the power to win it (not sure about Kratos... The Ghost of Sparta may be even too much for him)... But surely Gill vs Shin Vega would be an hell of a fight. We're talking about someone that can tank nukes, and someone that can split the sea with an handwave!

No End N Site
Imho, Gill has never been shown at his max so for things like Resurrection, we have no idea how that shit works or its limits. He did comeback after an SGS, which is pretty f**kin ridiculous. AND it's never specified whether or not the Illuminati's warnings and legends are true.

If they are, then in SFIII, Gill would not only bring about Armageddon early, he would also induce the rapture ahead of schedule. Then there's the bit about Gill havin perfect balance and if unbalanced would destroy the world. Not only this, he can inflict this balance on other people and even whole mountains, with the slightest of ease.

If this stuff is true, he would be Very powerful.

About the resurrection thing, IIRC is stated that Gill can recover from every kind of wound and even from death himself. And in the unlikely case that his body is uttelry destroyed, the Illuminati can create a backup body for him (better backup than the Shadaloo ones for Dictator, so no "Gill reborn in a weaker body"wink.

No End N Site
About the back up bodies, everyone says that but I have never found proof of it. Where is this stated?

What I read was, they have back up 'brains' and when an Illuminati Emp dies, his brain is put into the body of the chosen child. Gill's case is very different since Gill was one of the kids in the Illuminati training camps but was blessed with supernatural powers. Makin him not just an Emp, but the Savior above all past Emps.

I think that the "backup body" thing is from Urien's 3rd Strike ending. OK, is not officially stated but is hinted that the "Gill" shown there is not the actual one, but a backup body.

I don't believe Gill is stronger than Akuma, I'm pretty sure Akuma is the strongest street fighter character.

I mean, Akuma already killed him once and gill just sat there and took it and never did anything about it.

No End N Site
^ No.

The strongest

Frisky Dingo
Not to mention, we don't know who's the strongest between Gill, Gouki, Oro and etc.

Originally posted by No End N Site
^ No.


No End N Site

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