Magik runs the gauntlet

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So, Magik go on these dudes, and try to beats the ever loving shit out of them. In return, these dudes wants to show her what magic really is, and want to do so by brutally kick her ass.

All fight are on Earth, but she can try to bfr them into Limbo, if she wants.
She's bloodlust. Hellstrom, Mordo, Doom are going for the kill if they have too. The other will kill if it's absolutly necessary, but would a lot prefer to not have to do it.

1- Dr Strange (current)
2- Daimon Hellstrom
3- Baron Mordo
4- Clea
5- Shaman
6- Brother Voodoo
7- Dr Doom
8- Dr Strange (classic)

Hyperion Prime
I used to love reading her in the New mutants. honestly though she barely beat Forge who basically just gave up. I know she just beat current Strange. In reality she stops at Daimon hellstrom.

is she bloodllusted too? She has the soul sword and she has better teleporting feats then most of them. She is probably one of the best melee fighters among the them as well. The sword can even affect Mephisto and Archenemy and cancel spells. she can pop in and out of the time line a kill most of them.

If its on earth, they all have a shot to beat her, but she can go as far as Brother voodo for me. she also has the potential to lose at hell storm. 50/50 Her armor can cancel magical attacks too. she still has feats of powerful magic and she can port in her demon army to help out. She has used this type of attack before.

In Limbo where she is a hell lord and sorcerer supreme w/ the soul sword. She has displayed all sorts of powers ( she can basically do anything there) plus she has her demon army to command. Enchantress wasn't able to do anything against her there. She didn't even need the sword to take amora down. She probably stops at doom ( since doom will find someway to win despite being overpowerd)

but seriously the soul sword should always give her a chance to get a win in this type of battle.

she should be pretty hard to hit without pis or cis plus she has the Soul Sword.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.