Multiplayer in Single Player - Yes or No

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Nemesis X
For years, we've been getting a crap load of games that have you playing with others online which is what keeps titles like Halo going and while multiplayer is, without a doubt, enjoyable, it doesn't keep gamers from playing some single player every once in a while. Too bad though this kind of gaming is slowly deteriorating as everything that was once a stand alone single player game is getting the multiplayer component for better or worse which is pretty risky and kinda pointless for if you've seen the sale charts for games like God of War III and Mass Effect 2, you'd know for a fact that Santa Montica and Bioware wouldn't even be close to the red zone as copies for their pinnacles of single player gaming have been sold billions if not millions so what is pressuring these people to add something so completely unnecessary? Are they really just curious or are they being told by their corporate overlords?

Former single player titles that should be taken into consideration for having terrible multiplayer are Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 3. Clearly these things were rushed and needed more work and for all the time wasted on these things, there could've been so much more added to the single player aspect. DS2's story mode is good as it is but it's extras really left a bad taste in everyones mouth. ME3's single player however lacked big time and maybe if Bioware didn't make a bunch of horde modes, there would've been more stuff in Shepard's adventure.

Although it's been proven that it isn't all that bad adding multiplayer for if you've played Valve's Portal 2, 2K's Bioshock 2 (sorta), or Ubisoft's Assassin Creed Brotherhood/Revelations or saw footage for Santa Montica's God of War Ascension, you'd know this but to be fair, AC multiplayer is on the near verge of being boring as it's grown to be rather repetitive and hopefully in AC3, things will be different. Anyways, unlike other companies that randomly add multiplayer in their franchises, at least these ones had more effort put into them and that's all we're asking for if we have no choice but to accept everything having this.

But what do you think? Should single player titles embrace multiplayer or do you think they're better off as they were from the get go? What are your viewpoints on this?

Depends on the game.

For the most part, no, single player should stay single player.

RE: Blaxican
The realistic answer is that as long as games like CoD shatter sales records every single years, the industry is going to focus on emulating that success. A lot of gamers tend to be confused by gaming corporations' (EA, Activision, THQ etc) goals. There goals are not to make "lots of money", there goal is "to make as much money as humanly possible". ME2 and GoW3 made lots of money, but they aren't making CoD/Halo/WoW money. Therefore, whatever business model they used to make those games is not ideal for them. All companies, even smaller, more credible companies like DICE and Valve, secretly want that CoD/Halo/WoW money, though they'll never admit it.

Hence, we get all these games trying to emulate certain parts of those games (ME3's horde/firefight mode), or just clone the games entirely (TOR, Warhammer Online, TES-O).

To actually answer the question though, I personally want both. I enjoy a good singe player experience, but I get bored very quickly, and I don't like to replay games. Hence, games like Deuce Ex, KOTOR, Fallout, Bioshock and Mass Effect sit on my shelf collecting dust once I finish the SP, whereas I'm still playing Black Ops and Reach to this day. As such, I'm more willing to pay 60 dollars for a game with good MP that I know I'll be playing for years than I would be for a game that I'll drop 50 hours on and then shelf forever.

Nemesis X
I still play GoWIII to this very day and I bought it in 2010 and yet everytime I go back and replay it, I keep making that stupid grin on my face because it's that awesome haermm

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