The Awesome Mount and Blade Stories

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So after playing Warband for a while today, and getting some epic stuff done, I thought it would be nice to go to a place where I could share stories, and read them as well.
Just tell them, and say what module you were using. Hell, if you'd like, recommend modules. They make it fun.

Story 1: Floris Mod Pack; I was raiding a Vaegir village, and, predictably, I was attacked by 2 armies of Vaegirs. I had about 111 men at the time, and me and my 3 melee companions were decked out in great armor with some of the best weapons. My ranged was -meh- So the battle had been about 111 vs 298, with me having all tier 4+ units in my army (very expensive :/ ) Near the end, when all their good units were dead, they were sending I2 Vaegir units (Infantry, Tier 2, for those of you without the module) so I just go a-swinging. 80+ damage a hit to guys with around 20 hp. Got abotu 43 kills, and just felt good about myself for winning with 0 killed and 10 wounded.

Story 2: Same module: Later on, I was attacking Curaw. Get inside, fall off the wall. It had been 112 (I got a guy! Woo!) vs 498, as per the usual of a city. So after I cleared off the walls, I ended up falling down onto the masses of Vaegir troops climbing the stairs (I lagged a bit and didn't stop where I meant to) So I crowd-surfed down (seriously, falling animation while I slid down them) and landed behind them. These are good quality guys (not compared to my Nord assault force, but still) so I was in trouble there. After a while of fighting, my guys are all wounded (except for my archers, who are outside the walls) and the Vaegirs all lie dead. In the end, I got 146 kills. And I still had 75% of my health left.

Note: I am level 27 currently.

So, tl;dr: Shenanigans.

Anyways, I am interested to see your stories if you choose to put them up, and what modules would you guys recommend? I certainly recommend the Floris Mod Pack, adds a lot.

I played this game for 70 hours before realising I'd been playing on Easy all along.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.