Iron Fist vs Carnage

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No mind control for Carnage. Who wins?

I'd side with iron fist for a majority.


Spidey manages, doesn't he?

I mean, he can't really beat him down, but he puts up a fight and stagger him, and he doesn't have an Iron Fist.

i'll go with carnage.

An excuse to post more obscure, over the top, Danny feats. big grin

Say hello to a short lived character named Bres. He was powerful enough to do this:

They had to resort to weakness exploitation, namely Iron weakness, to beat him.

And here's how Iron Fist dealt with him:

Danny threw his hardest punch ever, and knocked himself out in the process. This probably even beats the Helicarrier feat.

That muscle guy is Super Skrull, btw, in a disguised form. In the story, he regularly knocked Luke Cage around like a super ball, and displayed powers on par with a Superman clone (Which I can see him simulating with SS's power set.)

How many times has Venom beaten Carnage? And Venom, while formidable, can't hit anywhere close to as hard as Iron Fist.

Did I just win the thread, or kill it? sad

I realize the symbionts were kind of portrayed as Lovecraftian horrors, and Luke Cage acted like he was gonna die against Carnage until Sentry murdered him (Saving him in the process by sheer coincidence, as I can't see Siege's version of Sentry saving anyone on purpose. smile ), and I know Symbiont's have their high end feats, like anyone else. Venom vs Juggernaut is an example, where he takes a lot of abuse.

But the fact is, the Symbionts can stop each other.. Venom's knocked out Carnage more than once. And they can be knocked out by others, as well.. Spidey, if he had an IF, could have breezed through past them, but he didn't have an IF. All he had was a Spidey punch.

As monstrously strong as Carnage and Venom were, I don't think their best punch is equal to Iron Fist's best "average" punch. Not even close.

why would carnage have to....punch danny? confused

Originally posted by leonidas
why would carnage have to....punch danny? confused

Point is, he's getting punched. stick out tongue

Danny's in about the same speed/agility ballpark as Daredevil and Spidey. (He even stood in for Daredevil, for a time, which would only be possible if he can match his style.) That's quick enough to play Spidey's usual avoidance defensive game, get in close, and IF him. (And what he can't avoid, he can also Iron Fist away, like he has Spidey's web shooters..)

If Carnage tries to eat him, that's pretty much a free hit for Danny.

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