Nimrod, Henshaw, and Ultron take on the entire High Meta Tier...

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Abomination, Adam Strange, Aquaman, Ares (Marvel), Atlas, Aurora, Batman 1 Million, Battalion (Jackson King), Blastaar, Blob, Captain Britain, Captain Marvel Jr, Colossus, Death's Head II, Donna Troy, Emma Frost, Ghost Rider II, Grim Reaper, Guardian I, Havok, Hellstrike, Hercules (Mortal), Holocaust, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Iron-Man, Jean Grey (sans Phoenix), Jenny Sparks, Juggernaut (Depowered), Kang, Karate Kid, Living Laser, Mandarin, Mary Marvel, Maul, Mercer Drake, Metallo, Mimic (Exiles), Miss Martian, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. Sinister, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nightshade, Northstar, Ocean Master, Osiris, Pitt, Polaris, Power Girl, Psylocke, Radioactive Man, Sand, Sasquatch, Shassa, She-Hulk, Starfire, Storm, Supernova, Temugin, The Thing, Thunderstrike, The Tick, Ulik, Ultimo, Vision, War Machine, Wonder Man, Zzaxx.

Nimrod, Ultron, and Henshaw take on all of the above in a battle to the Death or KO with no BFR allowed...

Who wins?

Note, for the purposes of this thread, Nimrod is not a High Meta...

The Meta's win.

Originally posted by Stoic
The Meta's win.

How do the Meta's stop this team?

How do they harm Ultron?

How do they stop Nimrod from reconstructing and adapting to their tactics?

How do they contain Henshaw?

Keep in mind that their are two very powerful technopaths here (Ultron and Henshaw); a few of the Meta's might actually end up helping Nimrod, Ultron, and Henshaw...

Team Ultron

Tony Stark
High Meta's FTW

Originally posted by TheLordofMurder
Atlas, Death's Head II, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Iron-Man, Kang, Mr. Fantastic, Thunderstrike, Ulik.

These guys might be able to accomplish something, if they work together.

Ironman, War Machine, Ultimo, Metallo, Vision. (Off a quick glance) Will all be takin control of instantly which isn't a lot but still. That's 5 more people on team Ultron.

If they arent playin around I give the win to Ultron and friends.

i'll take the metas. sand could actually be ultron's worst nightmare. henshaw is the one who would be a problem here.

tbh I think Iron Man and Radioactive Man could take Ultron or Nimrod. Especially if we add Miss Martian on to that.

Simply put, unless Henshaw can pull some crazy super-speed blitz and take out like 90% of these guys in one go, then they're toast.

High Metas

Jenny Sparks and Polaris would royally screw most of the teams chance assuming other people run distraction.

And if Henshaw somehow leaves his shell via his soul self, Ghost Rider and Batman 1 million will pick him right off.

^good point about ghost rider and henshaw. the heralders are f'd. thumb up

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