Harrison Bree - The Description of a Murder by a beautiful Mind

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Why are you looking at me that way? I know what I am and who I am. I am a visionary, a teacher, a wise man. I am a god. Yet people think I am crazy just because I do things with perfection... oh, so beautiful perfection. Life is something beautiful and the only reason is beautiful is because it ends with death. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we would live forever? No my friend, nothing last forever and that is what makes life beautiful. Now, let me tell you what happened. Let me tell you the story of how my hands created a beautiful masterpiece...

The first thing I remember that day was the sound of nature welcoming me to a new day. Even nature knows me and welcomes me the way it should; like a god. I opened my eyes to let the brightness of the sun enlighten my soul as I start a new day. I went to work as usually I do every day and sometimes during the night. I don't like working at night. I'm an artist of life and my art is mostly done at night. When I work on nights, not only I can't work on my art but I have to work on finding other people's art. You see, I'm not only the artist of life but I am also a critic. Of course no one can do what I do so beautiful, so my work get's even more boring. This time I worked during the day, so I had the night for me like it should be. I was ready to make my greatest and most glorious work of art.

When the night came, I went home from work to prepare myself. I did not eat because I cannot work with a full stomach. It takes my concentration away and my talent starts to vanish. There's nothing better than having a work of art been done while feeling agony. You see, pain and suffering is a motivation that allows the mind to create a beautiful masterpiece. That is why the best poetry is written by the depressed and people of painful heart. I waited until midnight feeling the pain of hunger in my stomach and the pleasure that comes with that agony. I was prepared to start my work, so I went out to the park to find the clay that needed to be molded with high hopes knowing this would be my best work yet.

While I was sitting in a bench, in the middle of the night watching the full moon I saw the perfect "canvas" for my painting. There she was; a gorgeous young lady with her blond hair flowing all around her neck. Why was such a glorious creation of a woman alone in the park at night I have no clue, but again I am sure it was fate serving it's most talented god with that piece of clay ready to be molded to perfection. I did not wasted more time and headed straight to the young lady from behind and grabbed her by the neck. She started struggling with my arms trying to take them off her neck but she was not going to be able to. I had her locked very hard with my arms because I know that even when nature belongs to me, it needs to be difficult in order to be enjoyable.

The young lady kept struggling and trying to scream but if there is something I know, is how difficult creating this work of art is so I know what to do in those cases. I grabbed with my right hand her throat and I squeezed hard with my fingers piercing through her neck so no sound will come out her mouth. I kept squeezing until I felt the delicious and warm feeling of blood running through my fingers. Then the young lady stopped struggling and I could then continue with my work. I took her behind some bushes and lay her body on the floor then I undressed her. I took out my scalpel and started to open her chest and with a hammer, I broke the ribs protecting her heart. I introduced my hand and grabbed her heart which was still warm and took it out her body. I put her heart in her left hand then I closed back her body with stitches and there it was, my beautiful work done. But no... my work was not done; how could it be done? Like I said, there is nothing more beautiful in life than death. That moment when you see life escaping the prison of a human body. You see, we are a prison of life and my job as a god and an artist is to free life from this prison in an artistic way.

I looked around and there was nobody to be seen, so I went back to the bench I was sitting earlier and I saw this homeless guy. A person rejected by society but now with a new purpose in life. Luckily for me, I was caring some rat poison I always like to use in some of my work so I walked slowly to the homeless man and grabbed him from behind while injecting him with the poison then let him go. He started running away from me but I followed him. I knew he was not going to get far before the poison started doing it's job. There I was watching him when he was not able to keep running anymore and felt on his knees near an alley. I could see what was going on in him. As he was passing by the alley, the man was hypnotized by a sound so beautiful and frightening at the same time that goosebumps went through all his body like a shock wave as his body froze in the middle of the dark. The man was mesmerized by the sound of his own dying heart. Now, yes... now my work was done!

I got home very tired but with a smile on my blood covered face knowing I was now the greatest of all artists. I decided to take a shower before I went to bed and while I was showering, I felt the pleasure only the blood can give while it was running through my body with the water coming down from the shower as I grabbed a small amount and licked it to feel the taste of the young lady and have a little part of her in me. It was my work; it was now part of me.

So you see, I am not crazy. I am an artist; a god with a mission to help life escape this prison called body in an artistic way to show the world that beautiful part of life called death. You cannot lock me down like a common criminal. I am Captain Harrison Bree from the New York Police Department! Let me go... no, you are not supposed to do this. I AM YOUR GOD! NO...!!!

Mr. L

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