Peacetime despot:Dr. Doom vs Darkseid

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Evil has prevailed in both the DC and Marvel Universes. Dr. Doom has emerged victorious in the Marvelverse, while Darkseid has prevailed in the DCverse. Assuming that the two do not know about each other and their respective universes, therefore eliminating any potential rivalry/war/paranoia between the two, which of them would make the better peacetime despot?

I would go with Doom. Don't know much about Darkseid during peace time but for a world ruled by Doom you can look at Latveria. "The only freedom I have taken from my people is the freedom to commit evil" Doom

Wei Phoenix
No disease or poverty, hunger or strife in a world under DOOM.

Doom. Easily.

Depends what do you mean by "better". If you mean which I would rather live in that would undoubtedly be Doom's World.

Darkseid, though, would have better control of the masses with the Anti-life equation and all that jazz. So in that way he is "better".

Would the anti-life equation work in the marvel verse? If so what's stopping him from simply introducing it to the planet via some means and taking control of dooms forces out from under doom if not Doom himself since I doubt he has safe guards setup to protect himself from the anti life equation.

Doom easily because the guy cares about his people. He just thinks that he's the best one to rule over their life. Darkseid is similar to Doom but much more like Mephisto. Apokolips is a hell hole.

The real question is who better represents a real world politician, Dr. Doom, or the Tick?

I'd side with doom. Sorta misunderstood the point of the thread earlier, sad thing is I actually did read it. -_-;

Doom was undisputed ruler of planet earth in Franklin Richards counter earth and it was a paradise. Doom couldn't get any enjoyment out of it I think because it wasnt 'real' and abandoned it for normal 616. it looked awesome, peaceful and everyone looked happy.
was in this doom mini


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