Sniper Elite III

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So I got my hands on it early.....haermm

It's pretty good not as Sc Blacklist though.

It's cool that you need to use the noise of various environments to in order to "hide" your sniper shots.

It's pretty difficult since your only silent weapon is your pistol and you have to be careful with the ammo since you won't get too much and if you get noticed they kill you pretty quickly.

Areas are huge there are multiple ways to approach.

X-ray camera is fun it makes you wanna use your sniper more.

The xp system rewards you with new weapons and gear like trap mines ,land mines.

Cover system is automatic but it's done well so it won't bother you.

After playing rough 3 hours I would rate it a 7.5-8.

It's nothing ground breaking but it's a nice stealth game.

I wanted to ask, how is the stealth in it? I was really disappointed with the second game's stealth, so how much of an improvement is it?

This is the 1st sniper elite I play.
Its pretty easy to get noticed and enemies can easily hear you if you make noise like jumping a ledge or carrying a corpse.I dont really have a problem with stealth so far as i said there is no button cover system its automatic but it's handled pretty well.

By pressing b you crouch and if you go next to walls or objects it uses auto cover from which you can steer pressing lt.

It's a pretty cool game expected a bit worse.

Cool; maybe ill give it a look then.

Imo it's worth a try and we wont be getting too many games this summer.

There are a bunch of games I want to play, but it'll be another four months at least before any of them are out. I'm going to take the time to, hopefully, clear my back catalogue.

I played the first game and I enjoyed it.

Got the second on a Steam sale and it was meh.

Probably not going to pick up the third. Something about this series/developer that kind of makes the less than stellar. It's missing some polish and I get bored after an hour. It clearly shows that Rebellion is an okay developer but nothing really special.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.