Video Game fusion!!!

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Zack Fair
Barring the cheesy title; what 2 video games do you think would make an excellent video game if combined.

For example lately I've been playing a lot of Last of Us(beaten it like 3 times in a week) and I just couldn't help myself but think and try to remember what other gaming experiences have managed to pull off something like that in me. And the only other game that did it for me was Mass Effect 2.

I have always been a sucker for excellent single player campaigns, and I do admit that I'd take a good single player over competitive/co-op on any single day. Problem is developers are forgetting about SP experiences and are simply focusing too much on MP. Anyway that is besides the point.

I was thinking that a blend of Mass Effect 2's larger than life interactive scope with Last of Us's shooting/survival horror mechanics would make an outstanding experience. These 2 games are probably among my top 10 games of all time and a lovechild between the 2 of them would be great.

What have you?

Call of Duty and Fallout.

You get the excellent gun play mechanics of Call of Duty plus the excellent use of scripted events and you mash it with the open world sandbox of Fallout. Plus the story setting of Fallout.

So basically, a much better version of STALKER.

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy and Destiny.

Give Destiny the gameplay depth and variety and sheer potential fun factor of EDC, and EDC the polish and budget of Destiny, and you'd have what I actually hoped for when I began following Destiny.

The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword and Fallout: New Vegas.

Skyward Sword's overworld was amazing, it was filled with puzzles and enemies and going anywhere at all was really, really fun. If it had been just a little bit bigger, maybe with more of Skyloft available to explore as well, and the crafting system had been a little more in depth, like NV's ammo crafting system for traditional guns, awh lawd I'm salivating. Add in the survivalist elements, too. Yes.

All of that along with SS' amazing combat and boss fights, and it's more involved exploration and plethora of tools to explore with. YES. This must happen.

The Legend of Zelda meets Resident Evil.

An epic fantasy quest combined with survival horror elements.

That would be amazing, methinks.

Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto

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