How would you run the Empire?

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The Merchant
Just an interesting question that popped up in my head. After the Clone Wars I would first start off with a strong military presence but not oppress the people. Instead I would help the population of the Galaxy with rebuilding, food, etc. Instead of focusing the majority of the budget on the Military I would use it to help rebuild. Make jobs for people who lost them and stuff. When investing on Hypermatter reactors instead of using the research to make a Superweapon like the Death Star, use them to make reactors on worlds that need it to supply them more power. Then focus on making new technology that helps the people, like medicine that originally couldn't have been done but can be done with the new power source. As for the Military keep it mostly the same, however I would have made the Kaminoans and the company that made the Spaarti clone cylinders combine to make a better and faster Clone production rate. Recruits would be allowed for non-clone personal however those who prove to be exceptional would have their DNA taken from them to make new clone Templates to work along-side the Jango clones. Instead of making the Death Star the Superlasers would instead be fitted on Capital Ships. While not being able to provide planet busts the Superlasers would be able to be more efficient in taking down enemy capital ships and fleets, not to mention the energy bursts should be enough to take down a Planetary shield and the threat of a BDZ would not happen.

The Merchant
An example of the still powerful Superlaser being placed on a ship. The Acclamator-I Star Destroyer has an energy output of 2E+23 Joules per second. If just 1% of that energy goes into supplying the Superlaser, it would be a 478 Gigaton burst, which is capable of destroying multiple Islands. However that's just for one second, a Superlaser's full charge is a day's worth of energy. This would mean a fully charged blast from the Acclamator would be equal to 41 Petaton burst, which is a Continent destroying beam. Acclamator classes aren't even frigates, they're troop transport carriers but with a Superlaser have the ability to kill capital class ships.

I'd sit on my ass, drinking, playing space computer games and collecting a harem while I let better qualified people actually run shit.

I mean I'd probably outlaw slavery, tell the Hutts to **** off and die, promote alien-tolerance and give droids equal citizenship but it would basically be just enacting broad-strokes "nice shit" and letting everyone else bother with the minutia of doing boring political and economic stuff.

I would redefine the word tyrant. I would start a fake insurgency, a terrorist group to strike fear into the citizens of corruscant. I would then, in a very public manner, destroy said insurgency and take full credit for its destruction. Then a few months later I would commit mass murder, perhaps blow up a few buildings on corruscant and have it linked to the last reminance of the terrorist group that is long destroyed. After this tragedy I would create a new group of the greatest detectives, enforcement officers, and soldiers who would be tasked with finding the last terrorists and annihilating them, thus gaining even more favor in the eyes of my subjects and making them feel secure once more. Then as the anti terrorist group is busy chasing ghosts I would formulate another horrific bombing. And as the anti terrorist group is the first responders I would have subtle evidence planted pointing to the most famous and trusted as the master mind behind the destruction, thus shaking the group to its core. After that I would have the group disbanded as even it is not infallible and have the case closed.

Then who knows what kind of games I will play when I get bored smile

Eh, there isn't really anything I would change. I mean, perhaps lighten up on the xenophobic thing, but even then the Empire employed various aliens to work for them anyway, they just couldn't reach that high up unless specific like Thrawn.

I guess also lighten up on the brutality, but with the galaxy being what it is, with a vast underworld, crime and the like, wouldn't be much, there rather needs to be a firm grip to weed out the criminals and the like.

The Merchant
It's good to do good stuff for the people. That way you earn their trust, and then if you want to go full dictatorship you'll gain more support to do something like create a Death Star, just make up something and say that the Death Star is going to be used as an extra-galactic mobile station to explore other Galaxies, while keeping it a secret that it has a Superlaser on-board.

Nah man. If your question really is how would I run the Empire, then my answer is "don't be evil."

The Merchant
But that's part of the fun.

Darth Abonis
I'd probably explore other galaxies.

Run away from the empire ? The same way as Ace Azemeen I'm too poor to corrupt the officier as the Viraxo did....


Run from the empire... As Revan would made it. Instore an idealist system and well organized under a a strong commandement. I will autorised deadly illegal weapon as the disruptors but for certain official corporations. And you will need to have an autorization.
I would devlopping the industry to build super weapons, an hierachique society where if you have luck you can win freedom at each rank won.

Remember the Vong yhea we destroy all our super weapon yhea perfect world and... Ho shit !! We should keep teh super weapon we should keep them !!!

I will also explore the unknow regions.... And peharps the universe while devlopping the subspace device from halo combined with the SW hyper space.

I'd introduce an annual purge

Introduce a new channal on the holonet if you pay an sucribtion to this channel you can acess to a porn channel. You will can see A trandoshan and his wookie sex slave. Nude tweil'k !
Empire will touch 25% of the compagny gain.

correction to my precedent post.
Run away from thge empire correct but the second one it's a lapsus there, I wanted to mean Run the empire.
Run from the empire... As blaablabla = Run the empire...? As blablabla

Originally posted by Revanchiste
Introduce a new channal on the holonet if you pay an sucribtion to this channel you can acess to a porn channel. You will can see A trandoshan and his wookie sex slave. I love this guy sometimes

It was from the topic about SW background species....

I'd create some form of representative senate, so that no area is overlooked. Dissolve the moff system, and put safeguards in place to prevent corporate groups like the Trade Federation from getting too powerful.

Maybe form some kind of 'order' of Force Users to help protect and guide it, teach them to serve it without becoming isolated from the people...

Though first thing:

This stuff. And I'd make sure anti-slavery laws are enforced.

Blow up every single planet I come across until I get blown up or killed in my sleep.

I've actually put some thought into this. I would form my empire as the Dark Lord of the Sith, but I would actually make sure to get the people of the Galaxy on my side.

I would create a strong military, with the use of several droid factories and cloning facilities. I would then use this army to seize various resources across the galaxy, and devote them to advancements in technology, and economic growth. I would create a strong economy, treat my people justly etc.

But of course there is the Jedi... I would offer them peace, but subtly poise them against me and let their hubris and intolerance for other beliefs do the rest. The Jedi would leave and rebel against Sith rule. However, I would use my massive army to protect the civilians in my empire from the collateral damage of war, and with the fact that I treat my people well and have actually improved the quality of their lives, contentment in the empire would be enough to prevent most people from rebelling, and fear of my army would prevent many more.

The Jedi would fail to get a significant amount of my empire to betray me, and with this war that they caused, and the people of the Galaxy being on my side, I would brand the Jedi as traitors and terrorists. I would push them to the brink of desperation with my army, and I would change the very foundation of who the Jedi are and transform them into something they aren't.

The people of the Galaxy would be poised against the Jedi and their rebellion, the Jedi would lose themselves, and the people of the Galaxy would be on my side. But of course, the question remains. Was all of this the goal I had in mind? Or was it all simply the means to an end that has not yet been disclosed to anybody? One thing's for sure. If the people of the Galaxy realize what I am truly trying to accomplish, it will be far to late to stop me...

Pretty ****ing sweet, DMB.

Like me in a RP where I where Revan came back at the time of SW legacy.
I made the same for Jedi too. WIth a treaty like the treaty of coruscant I will allow to make them intervention under autorization.

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