The Ultimate Exar Kun Respect Thread - Complete Edition.

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This thread is the ultimate source for Exar Kun's power and maintains a full record of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Exar Kun is recorded by history as being one of the most powerful of all the Sith Lords:

Physical Ability:

Exar Kun has displayed immense feats of physical strength and Force Augmentation:

Exar Kun has displayed multiple after images and has fought evenly with Ulic Qel-Droma whom has dodged blaster bolts and moved in blurs:

Exar Kun was shattered by Freedon Nadd's cave-in but after giving in Kun is imbued physically with the power of the Dark Side:

Exar Kun had unmatched skill with the lightsaber blade and was a master of Niman, but also maintained proficiency in Djem-So or Juyo:

Exar Kun has defeated his master, the great lightsaber instructor Vodo Siosk Baas, multiple times:

Exar Kun faced Ulic Qel-Droma with a single lightsaber in a power duel, showing high proficiency in Djem So, drawing against the master combatant:

Exar Kun defeats Crado, then Sylvar, and after initially losing overpowers Vodo with powerful Jar'Kai displays:

Exar Kun had an extremely powerful command over the Force:

Exar Kun was the greatest practitioner of the devastating technique Force Blast:

Exar Kun's Force defences were advanced:

Exar Kun displays exceptional command over the Force, using Flight:

Exar Kun's inner rage was vast and allowed for exceptional feats, such as destroying 30 Tuk'ata at once:

Exar Kun has used telekinesis to grab lightsabers and even Force Push Jedi:

Exar Kun's battle precognition was said to make him unstoppable in combat:

Exar Kun's Force Sense is capable of great distances:

Exar Kun's Force Scream echoed across the Galaxy:

Force Lightning is an ability rarely displayed by Exar Kun, despite this he was a master of the technique as stated in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, Tales Of the Jedi Companion, Dark Side Sourcebook and the Jedi Academy Sourcebook.

Exar Kun is one of the greatest sorcerers in all of the mythos, creating the Dark Reaper superweapon and all manner of Sith warbeasts, his spells could freeze over ten thousand beings at once and he has displayed Force Drain capable of absorbing thousands:

Exar Kun built numerous temples across Yavin IV to act as focal points for his enormous power:


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Mine has scans :3
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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.