TCW's nod to the Jedi Apprentice novels.

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Fated Xtasy
Hey guys, merry christmas, happy holidays and all that good stuff. So while i was writing up something, I drew a pretty cool similarity between two character's who are my favorites. those two Are Adi Gallia and Qui-Gon Jinn. for those of you who haven't read the Jedi Apprentice series, Gallia and Jinn work very closely together in these novels several times and are good friends to a certain degree, going on missions, bickering and having disagreements all that good stuff.

So, on to the main point. While writing something, it sort of came to me. Adi Gallia and Jinn both died to wielders of the saber saff, who happened to be the same species who also happened to be siblings and Gallia - much like Jinn, was assisting Obi-Wan Kenobi - even the way they died was similar(stabbed in the abdomen)

After re-watching that episode -and reading the Jedi Apprentice Novels, you can't help but feel that Obi-Wan's reaction is pretty genuine, as this is the last master who - at least in the old Canon, was good friends with Qui-Gon - his last - well second last, reminder of his old master. Obi-Wan was outright going to kill Savage - and would have had Maul not intercepted him.

Honestly, in my opinion, this really does seem like Filoni and team giving a nod to the old & now Legends Canon, Jedi Apprentice books.(books which i highly recommend) So yeah. this is just one little similarity that I think was awesome.

What other little sweet easter eggs did ya'll notice? aside from the "I got a bad feeling about this" in nearly every episode and the oh-so hilarious "Help us General Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope"(I legit fangirled at this one) share if can. I love these little tidbits

They didn't really establish much of a relationship between Gallia and Kenobi in TCW though. We know there is one, but for people who haven't read JA you don't really know why Gallia dying in front of Obi-Wan is such a big deal.

Well if nothing else she was a fellow Council Member.

But yeah I agree that establishing their relationship onscreen more would have had a larger impact on that death scene.

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