What Infinities story would you wanna read?

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I'm curious on this and wanna see what people's thoughts are. There have been some interesting Infities told in the SWU, things that are drastically different than what the actual lore shows.

So curious, as to what stories you folks would like to read about?

Ones that I would be curious reading are...

1. Luke joins the Empire instead of the Rebellion, seeing the Rebels as threats to the galaxy. In this timeline he becomes a Sith Apprentice to Sidious, he isn't related to Vader yet still is a powerful Force User, the two eventually have a duel as to who becomes Sidious' new apprentice. From there, Luke meets with various characters as the GCW rages on.

2. Anakin never meets Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan and doesn't become a Jedi, instead he becomes a Pod Racing champion, winning both his and his mother's freedom, he would still be Force Sensitive, just not trained. This line would follow him and how the galaxy unfolds, when Sidious takes over as Chancellor of the Republic.

3. The Rebellion loses the Battle of Endor, Luke dies against Palpatine and Vader goes through the procedure of gaining the new suit that was designed, yet he never went through with it. From there, it's rather open as to what happens next with the Rebellion crushed. I haven't thought what really happens next though.

But yeah, those are some of the ideas I have for something Infinities storylines.

Anyone got any ideas, they would wanna share?

Fated Xtasy
I'd like to see one infinity with Qui-Gon actually living and becoming Anakin's Master. I'm curious to see how Anakin would be like under Qui-Gon and what would happen to Obi-Wan.

another would be, what if Anakin Solo never died. What if Mara never died and so on.

Oh and , what if Wyyrlok actually succeeded in killing Krayt, that would be a fun read imo

What Dark Side Revan and Exile could have accomplished Post-KOTOR II.

What if Maul wasn't bisected cus ffs that was dumb tbh

I think what honestly would have happened is Dooku would have fought him eventually and killed him to become Sidious' one apprentice.

Eh. I'd rather Maul had continued in his role as an assassin, Dooku handled politics, and Grievous handled the military.

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