Mini-Interview with Drew Karpshyn?

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Fated Xtasy
Don't know what the frig this is called, but meh. Anyway, hi guys, So, a while ago I sent Drew an email asking him a few questions:


Hello Mister Drew Karpshyn, so I'm quite sure you've been asked many questions about Knights Of The Old Republic, The Sith Emperor, Mass Effect characters and obviously Revan, however, I'd like to break away from that continuous stream of questions for characters like Revan and ask four questions about a character whom you have given life to - so to speak, that character is, Meetra Surik. who may not have originated from you, but you did establish her prowess and explored her character to a great degree.

> One thing I've noticed from your literary works Mr. Karpshyn, is that usually the color Lightsaber of a character establishes them as a duelists, such as, Raskta Lsu wielding two blue lightsabers and being extremely combat oriented as well, Sarro Xaj being a power based duelist, Gnost and Revan - two green lightsaber wielding Jedi, being Combat oriented, never neglecting force prowess, but still they are more Generalists than anything and not as Combat oriented as Raskta and the like. So going by this logic, would Meetra surik - another wielder of a blue lightsaber, also be a combat oriented Jedi? and if so, was this meant to provide a contrast to Revan's more Generalist and force specialists ways?

> Though i feel this is delving more into Roleplaying areas, that most people tend to love about the Knights of The Old Republic series, i feel the need to ask this as this would help most users get a feel for what Meetra really was. So, i'd like to ask, During the events of Kotor2, Meetra is asked by her master to choose a path to follow. The Path of a Jedi Master, to teach others like her Master taught her, the Path of the Weapons master, like Raskta Lsu and the path of the Jedi Watchman a generalist who focuses on both the combative and force aspects of their training, In your opinion, which path do you think Meetra chose?

> What lightsaber form did Meetra use? I believe that she was a Practitioner of Soresu with some training in Shii-Cho and Makashi,

> The end text of the Revan novel states that Revan was captured and Meetra refused to become one with the force and instead stayed with Revan, replenishing him whenever he grew too weak and assisting him in resisting the Emperor. My question is if Meetra was actively assisting Revan resist the Emperor's mental assault? were it not for her, would Revan have fallen to the emperor?

As i said before, I feel these questions, would help us - Debaters,forum commentators and fans as well, fully understand Meetra's true skill and power. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Drew Karpshyn and I hope this giant wall of Text didn't annoy you too much. Have an excellent day and once again Thank you.
-- Sincerely, a big fan, Fated Xtasy(Name omitted for obvious reasons)


And this was his response.

Hi, Fated Xtasy.(Name omitted for obvious reasons)

Thanks for the e-mail, though I can't answer all the questions as well as
you'd like. But here's what I can say:

1 - I don't like to focus too much on lightsaber colors. In computer
games, they are often tied to specific abilities or powers, but I
generally try not to mimic those abilities in my books. So I usually go by
whatever art or illustrations exist for the character. For Meetra there
isn't really much out there, and she was customizable by players in the
game, so I basically went with the convention that blue is more "light
side". It really had nothing to do with her combat abilities.

2&3 - I intentionally left it vague as to what lightsaber form Meetra used
and as to what choices she would have made in KOTOR2. I didn't create the
character originally, and many fans have their own personal version of the
character, so I didn't want to impose these restrictions on her. By
leaving it ambiguous I tried to let readers who had played the game to
interpret her as they saw fit.

4 - My intent was to strongly imply that Meetra's presence helped sustain
Revan, and I think this comes through in the SWTOR game.


So, obviously not a straight answer, but in all fairness, he doesn't want to really impose anything on the Exile character that we all have in mind, and that's a good reason IMO. Plus, we got a straight answer that Meetra was instrumental in helping Revan against Vitiate smile Just wanted to share this. Off to to play advanced warfare it is!

Meetra's presence helped "sustain" Revan by giving him a constant supply of Force energy to replenish what was lost by the draining, that was never in question. What was in question is if she actually aided him in the mental war, she didn't (as evidenced by Drew never directly stating she only helped "sustain" him in your direct email message, referring to sustaining his command of the Force), she merely tried to keep Revan in his best state, but as you can see later on, ultimately failed to even do that successfully, and it seems by the later years her influence was negligible. Try again (well since you fail every time, give up). You actually enjoying CoD: AW explains a lot...

Fated Xtasy
He just said yes, to what I asked. If you have a problem with that statement take it up with him, not me.

Buh bye. smile

Using .gifs like that only makes you look more embarrassing.
He didn't say "yes," he said his intent was to show she sustained him.

Fated Xtasy

1 - I said she was instrumental against Vitiate. Did It was because of the mental assault? No, I did not. I only stated that she was - and I quote. "Instrumental in helping Revan against Vitiate smile"

2 - "Sustain" can mean several different things, whether it's replenishing his strength, physically, mentally, emotionally etcetera. He never said or implied that it was just one of these things - at least not in this recent email. If one were to read the post, then they would see that he never specifically states that Meetra helped "sustained Revan's Strength/Force Power/Mentality." Thus, we would be lead to believe that Drew's comment was mean't as a generalization of all these things. which means it's open to interpretation at the moment, which is what I believe. I reiterate.

Originally posted by Fated Xtasy
He just said yes(responded), to what I asked(my question about Meetra). If you have a problem with that statement take it up with him, not me.

Don't waste your time responding please, I hardly want to get into a debate about something that's pretty much open to interpretation. you have your views, I have mine. let's leave it that.

Except it's not open to interpretation, the text specifically states how she benefited Revan, and that's that.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, Meetra had been a factor in enabling Revan to cope with the ordeal he went through in the Maelstrom facility.

Centuries span of imprisonment like that would be the end of anybody under normal circumstances.

I was gonna rage hard here at drew because my problems with his book..........but then i decided to calm down and walk away. Revan to me was a colossal badly written, Matt Ward style writer......DOWN PLAYING REVAN AND ALL OF KOTOR characeters ABILITIES. That pisses me off SOOOO MUCH >sad

So, she either was a power source, or she shouldered some of the mental burden

Maybe its just because I'm not focused on debating within one universe alone, but unless you're suggesting the two resonated together somehow and were worth exponentially more together than alone... which I'd be happy to entertain the notion if you could show some proof further than speculation, this really doesn't make the mental resistance feats any less impressive honestly.

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