What are your knowledgeable areas?

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As the title says, within the SWU there are vast amounts of different things to look at and various eras that can be explored. With such a big universe, you can gain knowledge in a few things, or a specific niche of things, whatever the case maybe, your knowledge may be shared by many, many others.

Or you may be that one person, who focuses on the things that hardly anyone else bothers to research, making your knowledge know how on that particular thing unique and refreshing.

So folks, to where does your knowledge lay? It can be of one thing, or multiple things. I guess i'll start...

My knowledge includes..

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Black Sun

Technology/Starships/Weapons(mostly of the GCW era, some Clone Wars, some post-GCW)

Native beings(IE, Sand People, Rancors, Wampas etc)

Various Non Force Users(mostly from the GCW era)

As ya can see, I'm mostly geared towards the GCW era in terms of knowledge, with bits of Clone Wars and post-GCW stuff thrown in.

Fated Xtasy
I'd unknowingly became very versed? i guess would be the word, in Pre-TPM and Pre-CW stuff. Anything regarding Tiny-Wan and Knight Qui-Gon, I pretty much have on lock. same could be said about Jedi Quest. Jedi Academy Era(Within the Desann to Ragnos time frame) I pretty much Know Kotor 1 and 2 like the back of my hand.

I would't call myself an expert, just decently versed stick out tongue here's mine

Bane era - though not to the same length as Emperordmb.

Pre-TPM - Mostly things to do with Jinn and Tiny-Wan.

Pre-CW - Mostly things to do with Jedi Quest and a few other novels.

Kotor 1 and 2 - Like the back of my hand.

Jedi Academy era - From Desann to Ragnos.

and that's about it, I don't know if TCW counts cuz we all have watched it stick out tongue

And, i'm not sure if this counts, but the Lightsaber styles of NJO are my forte.

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And Harry Potter.

The Merchant

My niche is random characters that nobody else cares about. I have learned a lot about TOR in general but my knowledge is mostly scattered yo random areas

Maul, DotJ, the Fetts, TotJ, TPM/CW era, some TOR

I comfortably say my knowledge on Revan, and all content in games or novelizations related to him, surpasses everyone. That's truth.
I specialize in also the concepts and knowledge of midichlorians, the Force, Force nexus', Force potential, and other elements related to the like.

|King Joker|
Ahsoka Tano, Barriss Offee, Luminara Unduli, and Asajj Ventress.


The only era I am not knowledgeable with is the stories between TPM and AOTC.

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