Rhand sorcer bis.

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New information.. I've always fascinated by what can be hidden in the unknowed region...


Knowig this RP is made with true EU content...

The Sorcerers of Rhand
"Only power is real, and the only real power is the power to destroy. Existence is fleeting. Destruction is eternal."
―The core tenets of the Sorcerers of Rhand

A radical cult based in the Unknown Regions, the Sorcerers of Rhand are a rather powerful and feared sect of that Region. They are the result of the merger of three Sith Cults, and share the view that destruction is the will of the Universe. The Sorcerers are also extremely powerful Force Sensitives, even though they do not believe in the Force, instead they believe in the Way of the Dark. Still they are powerful enough in the Force that they can see into the future and summon apocalyptic Gods, in recent years however those Force Powers have waned off with only a select few able to even attempt them, much less succeed at casting them, but that does not make them weak, they are still capable of summoning powerful beings and calling upon magnificent destructive powers.

As a civilization their technology is rather modern with weaponry such as blasters and thermal detonators readily available to them, but they do not rely on such technology, instead they prefer using their force powers, or force imbued gear such as Force Swords or Force Armor for gear. This makes them extremely powerful and difficult enemies to fight, but then again they themselves are not the main component of their army. Instead they rely on summoned beings, or enslaved species from other planets, to be their grunts, with Sorcerers being the commanders, rather than fighting themselves.

Their government is a dictatorship with one person as its overall leader, named the Dark One or titled Dark Overlord, while other leaders are leaders of two specific branches rather than the group as a whole. One of the branches is the Military, the leader being titled Dark Warlord, while being called Harbinger of Darkness, and the second, is the branch that focuses on learning and practicing the Way of the Dark, the leader being called Keeper of Darkness or being titled Dark Master. Other ranks are as follows: Dark Knight (Master Level), Dark Crusader (Knight Level), Dark Acolyte (Padawan Level), and Darkling (Initiative Level and Normal Soldiers).

Dark Overlord Azme-al Horin,
The Dark One

Azme-al Horin, the leader of the Sorcerers of Rhand is perhaps the most powerful Sorcerer the cult has ever seen, he is also to blame for the cult's recent expansion in the Unknown Regions, and the massacre of millions of its inhabitants. Part of a relatively mythical species of unknown origin and centuries old, Azme-al is most likely the last of his kind, thus not much is known of his species. Due to his advanced age, however, Azme-al is unbelievably wise in his decisions, but is also relatively weak and frail when it comes to physical combat, thus is sometimes ignored by Naza-Im who considers the old Azme-al, weak. Still, woe is to be had for whomever has to face the Dark One in combat, for his powers in the Force know almost no equal, as he is able to summon beasts of great power and is able to cast magnificent spells (Force Powers) of destruction that can put some Sith Lords to shame.

Personality wise, he is ruthless in his choices, slaughtering millions of people and possibly driving some Unknown Regions' species to extinction with the blink of an eye. Azme-al also has no respect for life, instead he shows outright disdain for it; in fact the only reason he hasn't killed himself being to extinguish the galaxy of life and destroy everything, showing a religious and radical following of the Way of the Dark. Still, as mentioned before, Azme-al is wise and intelligent as well, due to his advanced age; he is not one to make decisions without contemplating the various outcomes first, in an almost Chiss-like fashion. In fact the Bogo Rai Incident was not even his doing, instead it was his subordinate, Dark Warlord Naza-im Haj, who carried out the act, defying Azme-al and causing a small rift inside the Sorcerers.

Dark Warlord Naza-im Haj
Harbinger of Darkness

Dark Warlord Naza-im Haj, leader of the Sorcerers' military, and the strongest combatant of the Sorcerers of Rhand. Originally a Human Sith Crusader who traveled to the Unknown Regions and never returned, he is now a Sorcerer of Rhand so corrupted by the Way of the Dark that his face is pale and shows signs of cracking as if he was made of stone, while his eyes are blood red, making him appear no longer human, but instead an evil statue come to life. One should not be deceived by his appearance however, for he moves with magnificent speed and is extremely strong physically, making him an excellent blades master. Still his weakness lies in his recklessness, as shown in his involvement, and orchestration, concerning the Bogo Rai Incident, and his lacking in the knowledge of spells, which were substituted with his sheer aptitude for melee combat, thus the reason he became Dark Warlord, rather than any other leadership position. In the end however, Naza-im will prove not to be easy to defeat even if faced by a Sith, or Jedi, Master.

Dark Master Saven Tuk,
Keeper of the Darkness

Old and worn, Saven Tuk, is perhaps the only one who truly knows Azme-al, since they have known each other ever since they joined the Sorcerers of Rhand, and like Azme-al, Saven Tuk is probably the last of his species since there have been no other reported sightings of beings like him. Not at all powerful, Saven Tuk is Keeper of Darkness due to his innate knowledge of the Way of the Dark and serves mainly as an adviser the Dark Warlord and Overlord. Thus he has no combat role, nor is he expected to participate in combat, instead he is expected to provide insight on what to do, since he is the only Sorcerer of Rhand able to see into the future now, even though severely limited in what he sees and still suffers the same weakness as before when using Darksight; that there are multiple alternatives of the future and only some are revealed to him, not knowing which ones are true or not. Also, unlike his counterparts, Saven is clearly power hungry and is always urging for the further expansion of the Sorcerers of Rhand, in fact he was the one who convinced Naza-im to organize an attack on Bogo Rai. Still despite seeming useless and his rashness, Saven Tuk is the heir apparent of the Sorcerers of Rhand, due to his connection with Azme-al though that may change.


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