Did Rakattas invent light saber?

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Humhum...It explain why this is a the sith who creat the first "modern" light saber...
during the 100 years of Darkness....
It might be force saber... Due to rakatta tech based on ths force...

Having developed technology pwered by the Dark Side, the Rakatans establish an Infinite Empire spanned over 10 millennia and countless star systems. Shortly before a mysterious plague strips their ability to use the Force, the Rakatans launch an attack on the Jeā€™daii world of Tython. Around the same time, the Force Wars between the Ashla and Bogan began, which resulted in the defeat of the Bogan, and the establishment of the monastic society of guardians known as the Jedi. Many worlds are soon seeded by sublight human sleeper ships, leading to many new colonized worlds. The Rakatan Empire eventually falls due to a galaxy wide revolt of their slaves.

Hum found this "on the road".

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No the Rakattas did not invent lightsabres, they invented Forcesabres. Not the same thing.

The Rakatta were Force-sensitive and they created technology powered directly by the Force. One of their creations was the Forcesabre, a weapon that channelled dark energy and focused it into an energy blade.

The Jedi eventually improved on this technology to create energy blades without having to channel the Force directly. These early weapons needed separate power packs connected to the weapon by a cord. The Sith improved the technology further by creating lightsabres that had built-in power cells. The Jedi copied this design from them and voila, the lightsabres we know today.

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