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So EMPs....I know there was at least one showing of EMP grenades in TCW I believe. But my Q is, is Vader immune or resistant to EMPs?

I've looked but can't really find an answer. I know people are gonna being up Force Lighting, but then people also say that

Force Lighting =/= EMP blast

So I'm trying to figure...what effects does an EMP have?

I know there's Ion Blasters and so forth, but would they be greater than an EMP? I wanna say yes, considering EMPs aren't really used in SW, as they seem to have been replaced by Ion weapons...

But if anyone has any material in relating to EMP stuff, greatly appreciate it because what I have...I haven't gotten much info.

The Merchant
I could have recalled reading somewhere that Vader's suit is resistant to electric interference in general, not just force Lightning.

Hmm?....Really? Also I do recall reading that a guy tried using an EMP against Vader and it didn't work...but I dunno where, may have just imagined it.


I guess I could try looking again and see, but if anyone has concrete info would appreciate.

I know the cyborg bounty hunter, Tark, used a bunch of stuff on him, but I only recall regular grenades and built in laser blades. It was in one of the Tales.


Originally posted by Revanchiste
Not quite... You know in star war they call blasters lasers somes times..

Sometimes PEP DCE Or IONIC PULSE wave can be called EMP... WIthout being EMP....
Technology IS MY DOMAIN *****.

Right I know, I'm just saying is all.

Plus I think I found my answer anyway, looking through it.

There is also IMP The same than EMP but instead of Electromatics impulsion that's ionique impulsion....
Remember than ion in classic scien-fi is a ionised plasmic projection... So Ion is a mixt between EMP and Blaster technology in star war...
A light version of the blaster technology....

In star war Ionic shot are blue... (Somtimes red when we abord the subject of the V-155 planettary gun...)
IMP isan anwser to those counter mesure...

Vader suit resist EMP But not IMP... IMP have been devlopped to replace the EMP because it was becoming obselete and countermesure have been found (especialy on spec ops troops the CLone commando had anti EMP katarn armor....)

Well easy way to know if it's EMP or IMP in the star war universe IMP = it flash. EMP= Lightnings O.K?
EMP = Go through shield.
IMP = Stopped by shield...

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