IS tzeench V.S Nurgle = Revan V.S Vitiate?

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Well everybody is said...

Dunno how many people are familiar with Warhammer 40k.

Does Vitiate just want everything in the universe to die? Because that's basically Nurgle's pathos.

He does.

There is also Tzeench Nurgle combinason in star war.. (Yhea that' s heretical) rhand sorcerer.. Guy with bad ass psychic powers changer of way with insane farsigh abilities acting like Tzeench in the purpuse of Destruction...

They act for eternal destruction they bring end to all material and livings things..

They suffer from sever Dark Side degredation... Behind their mask they are huggly as shit because some of them are in putrefaction...
Some of them levitate whil spreading the plague around them..

Some of them came with some force blade.. But red sword... Red of Blood...

They use pupet.. They choose their death..

I love those guy... 3 god of chaos combined in one faction XD..... Actually they are really killing the unknowed Region....

Originally posted by Nephthys
He does. Wait, so he's just Darth Nihilus?

Basically. He's kind of an amalgamation of Sidious, Nihilus and Kun. His whole plan is to kill everyone in the galaxy and absorb all the Force power in it and become a limitless, immortal god.

Very little about him is original.

I thought he wanted to absorb everything in the Star Wars Galaxy so that he could become a farmer or an artist in some other galaxy?

This is the first Revanchiste thread I've read that makes sense, well done.

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The funniest portion of that post Carthage, is your incorrect assumption that anyone here takes you seriously. You're the Jar Jar Binks of KMC.

Originally posted by red8
I thought he wanted to absorb everything in the Star Wars Galaxy so that he could become a farmer or an artist in some other galaxy?
Star war galaxy yhea first but in the end he target the whole universe...
He want to became the god of everythings... Every art....

And of course teh atual world need to be destroyed.. He want to destroy to see how life will try to rebuilt it self.. To destroy it again XD !

What's a nurgle?

And lol @ at least I don't fabricate quotes like you Ancient

A guy who want to destroy everylife in the galaxy by spreading plague curse and chaos..... He represent the fate of humanity....
Where Vitiate want to destroy for the curiosity to see how life will came back.. Or look at the fire of death.. While being an omnipotent god.... The god of everything that excell in every art....
But before he can reach this state he have to destroy the galaxy.... Where Darth Revan want to dominate the galaxy for the Greater good....
For devlopping civilisation...

Nurgle is in warhammer 40K one opf the 4rth god of chaos the weakest and the strongest.... There is some phases of his existance where his power surpass the power of the other gods....
His garden :

well I cannot find the garden of Nurgle in the english lexicanum.. Evn if it's more complete than the Fr one.... Well Google badly translate will do the job :

The Garden of Nurgle

The Garden of Nurgle Nurgle is the domain in the warp. This harmful domain is the home of each virus imaginable affliction and stinks the stench of decay. This garden is the macabre paradise of death and pestilence. A thick layer of black flies buzzing hides the sky, while the rotten shrubs overgrown with vines cover the ground under a leaf foliage ravaged by insects. Stained fungus, both pure and extraordinary percent mulch the ground littered with leaves, clouds exhallant of infected spores. Muddy rivers cross the landscape. The manor of Nurgle, makes rotten boards and destroyed walls in the center of the garden. Decrepit and old, though eternally strong on its foundations, it is within these walls that Nurgle works at her cauldron, a large enough container to hold all the oceans of worlds in the galaxy.

Locked in a cage in the garden, Nurgle keeps his companion Isha in the corner of the room where he keeps the cauldron in which he creates all her plagues. Goddess of healing, Isha can cure any disease Nurgle, which uses this power to test his creations and see how long it takes to counteract their effects. If he is satisfied, he drops his illness on any world otherwise, it returns to the cauldron to add something new to his companion. While he is so busy, Isha takes the opportunity to teach humans how to fend for themselves viruses Nurgle.

When Nurgle power increases, the garden blooms, invading the territory of the other gods of Chaos. The enemies of Nurgle Plague-replicate and doors must take up arms to defend it. Although the garden back again, it will still be fed plenty of the essence of those who fell in the wars, and rest before flowering again.

The closest thing to nurgle in the tsar war universe are the rhand sorcerer.... With the cult of the immortal destruction... At least those guy are powerfull enough to summon appocalytics gods.....

There is also tzeench :
The Maze of Tzeentch, also known as the Crystal Labyrinth, is Tzeentch's realm within the Warp. This maze is woven from the raw fabric of magic, threaded upon deceit and conspiracy. Of all the landscapes of the Warp, this domain is by far the most bizarre and incomprehensible, for its crystalline structures force travelers to view all nine dimensions simultaneously. This effect not only distorts the senses of any who intrude, but will also pulls apart their purpose and aspirations and turns them to insanity and despair. Unlike the realms of the other Gods of Chaos, it is not defended by Daemonic warriors, allowing instead for any intruder to become inevitably lost within its confines.

Interchanging, shifting avenues made of pure crystals of every colour crisscross Tzeentch's realm. Hidden pathways built from lies and schemes lead out from the maze and infiltrate the dominions of other gods, binding together the fractious Realms of Chaos. The maze itself has no daemonic defenders. Its own illusory passages are enough of a barrier to any intruder not possessed of the strongest mind imaginable. Its glittering corridors reflect not only light but also hope, misery, dreams and nightmares. The labyrinth does not merely reflect but also distorts, pulling apart hope and purpose turning them into insanity and despair. Driven by Tzeentch's unconscious schemes, the labyrinth constantly moves and rearranges. Those lost within the maze's reaches will wander for eternity with their minds shattered, their dreams broken upon the wheel of their own failed ambition.

At the centre of the maze, hidden from those who have not the insane insight to find it, stands the Impossible Fortress. The architecture of the bastion is constantly replaced by new and ever more maddening spires, gates and walls. doors and other entrance points yawn open like starving mouths, before clamping for eternity moments later, barring all access. Within the Fortress time and space does not exist at all and gravity shifts and changes, or disappears all together. Lights of every colour, some even unknown in the real universe, springs from the shifting walls. For mortals, who are so locked in their physical ways, the fortress is impenetrable. Men are driven insane, while their bodies might implode or be pulled apart by the forces unleashed by Tzeentch's passing thoughts. Even immortal daemons cannot easily endure the twisted horror of the Impossible Fortress and only the Lords of Change can safely navigate its corridors, and tread the secret paths that lead to the inner sanctum of the fortress, the Hidden Library, where Tzeentch, the puppet master himself resides, eternally plotting.

Slaanesh :
Few Chaos Gods welcome intruders into their empire, but there is one who loves to tempt visitors to his unnatural domain in the Realm of Chaos. This is Slaanesh, the Dark Prince and Lord of Pleasure. Those that dare enter his territory risk becoming trapped in its warped delights for eternity. The Dark Prince's realm is divided into six domains, arranged in concentric rings about the central Palace of Pleasure. While they might be mistaken for paradises, but nothing here is as it seems. Each region is not only a celebration of Slaanesh's desires, but also his chief defence. An intruder can only reach the Palace of Pleasure, in the very heart of Slaanesh's territory, by passing through all six of the circles -- an act of will beyond the reach of most souls, both mortal and daemonic.

The circle of Avidity forms the outermost boundary of Slaanesh's domain. The temptations within its borders play upon an interloper's greed. Gold is found here in abundance. Mountains of stacked gold reach towards rainbow mosaics of gemstones in the marble vaults high above, glittering ingots and diamonds beyond counting litter the ground. Any who attempt to take this wealth are doomed to spend an eternity counting and polishing the hoard. The circle of Avidity is divided by tall marble walls studded with gems of every colour of the rainbow. These jewels are the lairs of daemonic spirits that invade any wanderer who touches them, devouring his soul and destroying his body from within. At every corner and crossroads stand gilded statues, some of beautiful Slaanesh, others of daemons and mortals trapped in blissful ecstasy. A trespasser who lays even the slightest touch upon these golden statues will join them, turning to gold while his soul remains trapped within his immobilised form.

Should greed not ensnare the unwary, the next circle is Gluttony. Here is a vast lake of dark wine, dotted with pallid islands formed from the backs of giants, each linked by criss-crossing bridges. The backward hands of each giant hold aloft a table creaking under a lavish banquet, each more delectable than the last. A single taste of the smallest morsel, a simple sip from the lake, entraps the soul, filing it with a hunger even the most sumptuous feast cannot sate. Here, mortal men gorge themselves on the banquet, wide-eyed and desperate in their hunger as others frantically try to gulp down the lake itself. The bloated and obese groan in pain as they cram ever more food into their wine-stained mouths. Eventually these intruders gorge themselves so much that their bloated bodies simply expire from strain, or explode in a shower of gore and half-digested food.

Beyond lies the circle of Carnality, a debauched place where all manner of fleshly pleasures may be sampled. Lissom maidens and beautiful youths frolick near-naked in the hallucinogenic musk of the lithe beasts that cavort with them. The faces and fertile forms of the dancers are impossibly sensual, moulded to the perfect desire of the heart. Yet to engage with such a creature is utter folly, for the pleasing appearances of these lovers are simply glamours cast by the vicious Daemonettes of Slaanesh, who will tear apart any who lay a hand upon them.

Upon entering the next circle, the traveller is greeted by roars of adulation. This is the circle of Paramountcy, where intruders are tempted with power over others. For the visitor with martial ambition, an army so vast its number is beyond counting awaits upon an endless plain, in fevered anticipation of his commands for conquest. To the politically minded, the circle appears as a great chamber of debating and governance, from which he can rule entire worlds and command the respect of their populations. In this place of personal aggrandisement every whim is obeyed, every command fulfilled. Yet to linger within this circle is to eventually succumb to eternal, nagging paranoia; to see contempt beneath every smiling face and hear conspiracy in every obsequious response. Surrounded by the adoring throng, the visitor's own self-doubts become a tortuous prison from which there is no escape.

Beyond lies the circle of Vainglory, a mesmerising garden, its maze of paths thick with beautiful flowers and heavy with thorns. The gentle, fragrant breeze whispers of past glories, reminders of achievements great and small. Still, mirrored pools reflect the visitor as he see himself, presenting him with the ideal self-image. In the distance, a traveller can make out tortured figures staring intently into mirror-pools of their own, each held immobile by the undergrowth as whispering thorns insinuate themselves into their flesh. Hubris is the snare in this domain, for each step an intruder takes whilst feeling boastful pride leads him further from the true path. As his pride swells, he is drawn into the depths of the wild garden and eventually becomes entangled in the choking undergrowth. The braggadocio swiftly falls prey to thorns whose pricks sting for all time, whilst around him the devil-dryads laugh scornfully, turning his glorious deeds into an ironic eulogy.

The last circle is the most perilous, after all of the terrible ordeals already faced. It is the serene domain of Indolency; a never-ending beach where heavenly choirs sing soothing lullabies and the perfumed sea dulls the mind. The warmth of a summer sun calms the soul and the gentle washing of the lapping tide stills the heart and begins to erode one's will. The bone-white sand beneath a traveller's feet is made from the dessicated remains of those who had rested here and fallen into a coma of blissful indolence. If the visitor traverses this final and most insidious of circles, he comes before almighty Slaanesh.

Beneath elegant spires, the wanderer comes before the beguiling Dark Prince of Pleasure. Statuesque and divinely glamorous; long-limbed and elegant, with a haunting androgynous beauty. Some say that Slaanesh can assume male, female or hermaphrodite form at will. He usually manifests himself as a young man -- clean limbed and fresh with the vigour of youth. Indeed, Slaanesh is seductive as only an immortal can be, disarming in his innocence, uttering beguiling in his manner. Even the purest flame can be extinguished by the tide of affection one can feel towards the Prince of Chaos. In that single moment of doubt the wanderer is lost as they usually kneel, bowing their head in obeisance, and a single touch of the being's glowing sceptre on each shoulder seals their fate for eternity. Some say it is impossible for mortals to look upon that divine face without losing their soul, for all who see it become willing slaves to every whim of the Dark Prince, embracing his ways with wild abandon.

Khorne is the Chaos God of hate, rage and bloodshed. Every act of killing gives Khorne power; the more senseless and destructive, the better. Among the four great powers, Khorne is the most powerful of them all.

Khorne is the power of Chaos in its most violent and senseless aspect, a violence driven only by hatred and rage, and destroying friend and foe alike.

Khorne himself is seen as a mighty being of titanic size, clad in armour, and sitting atop a mighty and weirdly carved throne of brass worked in skulls, which itself is held aloft by a mountain of skulls standing in a sea of blood - the remains of his followers who have died in battle and all those they have slain.

As with his fellow Chaos gods, Khorne appears to be linked with an aspect of the sentient mind; in his case, it appears to be anger. This is probably the root of Khorne's dominant position in the pantheon, as such factious places as the Warhammer world would doubtless provide much sustenance for him.

The battle cry of the followers of Khorne reflects his desire for wanton violence: "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn Kill maim burn

This are the only 3 word than Kârn the betrayer avatar of Khorne knows... Kârne was just a space marine battling in a cold planet for week one day his firends were exhausted and harassed by the cold they stop fighting..... So our dear space marin take a flame thrower to give them heat to their balls......
Since this day he have fallen to teh chaos and have the reputation to attack his ally when there is no ennemy to fight....

As Khorne he hate psychers.... and well if that wasn't obvious he love violence...

"Khârn the Betrayer is a member of the World Eaters Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines, and the greatest mortal Champion of Khorne. Second only to the World Eaters Daemon Primarch Angron in aggression and bloodlust, Khârn has lived a life of murder and betrayal, the blood spilt and skulls collected for his patron beyond counting. In battle Khârn is always where the fighting is at its thickest, wielding his heavy chainaxe Gorechild (which, along with its twin Gorefather, was wielded by Angron during the Horus Heresy), rimmed with the unbreakable teeth of a Mica Dragon, this fell weapon continually rises and falls as it severs heads and claims skulls. He is the avatar of Khorne, embodying the Blood God's indiscriminate rage and bloodlust in the realm of mortals. Like his World Eaters comrades, he emerged from the gruesome psycho-surgery experiments of Angron having underwent ritual lobotomisation, with all sense of fear and danger removed so that the rush he experienced in combat was greatly enhanced. His love of murder was so great that Khârn actually had an ancient death-counter installed in his helmet which registers the number of kills he has made in the helm's eye lenses. "

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What's a nurgle?

And lol @ at least I don't fabricate quotes like you Ancient

That's the best your severely limited intellect could spew out, copying DarthCartman66? I pity you, the blind leading the blind.

Grandpa nurgle say hello to grandpa. Com on he just want an hug.. Or just a kiss princess.
Hooo how cute : two avatar of Grandpa here........ With all his children.. Hoo so cute... Do you want to join the party???? That's free for everyone !

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