The eclipse star destroyeur generator.

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↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Size and Compliment
↑ 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts
↑ 500 times the power of one Imperial Star Destroyer
↑ Assuming equal efficiency, ~5e27W sustained, or 500x ISDs in overall power generation. FractalSponge

Considering than the eclipse super star destroyer is more armed than any other "simple" SSD class..
Than the shield are stronger.... it possess multiples tractors beams...AND A FREEKIN AXIAL SUPER LASER !!!!!!

How dam this thing source.. Where it find all this energy...?

The Merchant
Really if we go by EU there are far more ridiculous things in it. A standard Imperial Star Destroyer can be modified to have a legitimate Superlaser installed in it and the power generation of the Star Destroyer is great enough to supply the Superlaser with enough power to blow up planets and still be able to feed power into every other system.

I knew than the sith empire had some beam of super mega ****ing destruction with a rapid fire of doom, and where able to shoot ship while in the hyperspace..

But that was nothing too fancy... Because. Yhea a w-165 planetary gun can do the same. Or rather say a unch for teh cool dow..

But here the bullshit.... An assertor star destroyeur need a 5 quintillions watts generator to run. SO WHAT ABOUT A ****ING SOVEREIGN CLASS?
OR AN ECLIPSE CLASS?????? WITH THE TARGETING SYTEM OF THE SUPER LASER you have already for a billion watts.......

Did palpa pull out of his ass some rakattas tec combined with really motehr****ing powerfull force user to source the ships.....?
Because I really want- to know how it's work. I know scien fiction world is like fantasy, but instead of magic we have bullshittium battery blablabla.. But Reallt I want the name of the generator.; And how powerfull it is exactly?

Considering that a regular ISD has a power supply to that of a star and able to power all systems and still have plenty in reserve. It's not a stretch to assume that the SSDs don't have multiple power supplies and so forth.


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