Legends Canon: Sidious's best feats.

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Fated Xtasy
Seeing Sheev in action again in LoTS made me curious.

What are Sidious's best feats in:





Illusion( if he has any)


I'm just curious about these but feel free to add anything fron any category.

TK: Smashed the carapaces of Lyleks and reduced them to gore (their exoskeletons can repel blaster bolts/are harder than Twi'leki FR armor), he's manipulated freighters, pushed massive trees down with a single push, collapsed a ceiling destroying lyleks descending into a ravine, blasted lyleks Ten meters into the air and pulverized their carapaces, flung Vader on the back of the Lylek Queen with TK.A handful of Lyleks can besiege entire cities as well tbh

Lightning: Unleashed a lightning storm that destroyed and caused massive damage to the Lylek queen, was able to and kill lyleks on contact/char their carapaces (which are harder than Twi'leki FR armor)

TP: Mentally dominated a Twi'leki girl that approached Vader and Sidious

Sense: Was able to read Vader's thoughts while fighting Lylek's about ruling the galaxy if he died, knew that their ISD was going to be destroyed by the Free Ryloth army, knew and foresaw all of the events in the book (and canonically was holding back for all of his feats)

Dueling: Destroyed tens if not hundreds of Lyleks single handedly

Barrier: Created a barrier that repelled the blasts of two grenades alongside Vader)

Everything he's ever done.

He can easily topple skyscrapers, though that's by his own admission.

Reduced the Prophets of the Dark Side to charred skeletons with a casual one handed blast.

He senses everything with only the prophetic exception.

Fvcking with Vader in any which way.

I'm pretty sure the title says Legends for a reason, carthage.

Dueling - Matching Yoda.

TK - Musing that he can collapse the Senate building with a thought, before his prime.

Lightning - Reducing a huge Sithspawn creature to ash by RotS alone, overpowering Yoda's Absorption in the novel (again, by RotS), firing Lightning with the force of hurricanes, turning the Dark Side Prophets to skeletons (still before his prime), or fatally wounding Empatojayos Brand whilst genetically sabotaged.

Sense - He basically knows everything except for prophetic foretellings.

Illusion - He hasn't exactly shown this ability outside of a ritual, unless you include messing with people's minds. However, he's stated to know it.

Sorcery - The ritual against Yoda, and rituals which unnerved Jedi across the galaxy and increased Anakin's hunger for power.

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