Best QTE and Cutscene fights.

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Scripted QTE Fights and Cutscene fights in games.

Let me be clear, it needs to be FULLY set in QTE to count as a Fight, which means it can't transition from the game to a QTE, or into the gameplay with a QTE, the whole fight must be a cutscene or Quicktime event. So that's barring any of Kratos' moments.

Some of my favorites are Leon vs Krauser, The Dissidia Fights, Heavy Rain fights, Beyond Two Souls fights.

Trailers also count as well, so I'm absolutely including Batman vs Deathstroke.

Aquaman vs Aquaman in Injustice was pretty sweet.

Chris vs the boulder

How can you bring up QTE fights and leave out the trailblazer? Shenmue and Shenmue 2 made QTE's what they are today. Pretty much every QTE in both those games made you feel like a total badass if you did it perfectly.

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Leon vs Krauser. Came here to post this


Leon and Krauser, and Shenmue are really the best examples. Hard to think of any other.

a bunch of ones I enjoyed are transitional ones (like space marine, MUA, TFU and lego), but ones that are purely quicktime? Not many I can currently remember.

How about Johnny Cage manhandling Scorpion and Suz-Zero at the same time? (MKX chapter 1 QTE) My favorite one of this gen so far, but I'm not sure what my favorite QTE would be overall, though Resident Evil had a number of good ones before they went overboard with 'em in 6.

Hell, yes! The Leon vs Krauser QTE fight in RE4 was epic.

The final QTE fight scene between Ethan and Scott in Heavy Rain is also epic.

Most any QTE even in God of War III is good, especially ripping off Helios' head and punching the shit out of Zeus' face at the end if the final fight.

As to my own rules of my thread, would the Zeus final battle count?

When you're beating him senseless?

I didn't think it would, honestly, cause transitioning.

Would fights from Indigo Prophecy be considered "quicktime" ?

Final boss fight:

Oh yeah, that was pretty cool.

Also, what about that Sword Fight from "The Last Remnant"?


kratos and atreus vs baldur

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