Create the best all time Dark Council

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Choose a collection of Sith that would be on the All-time Dark Council. Any Sith in the lore is applicable. However just choosing the most powerful won't work as they would eventually fight and kill each other making them weaker. So they have to be open to team play as well has having political savvy while being manipulative and powerful enough to not be overthrown. The point is to create a lasting Dark Council, not a group of weaklings nor a group that will have too much ambition leading to infighting and/or singular rule.

The scenario here is that this hand picked Dark Council leads the Sith after running away after the Great Hyperspace War. Basically the same time as when Vitiate rose to power.

Off the top of my head I'd have Dooku, Revan, Marr, Caedus, Sadow. Maybe even Traya before she was betrayed.

I don't think anyone who followed Rule of Two principles would work on a Dark Council, so I can't see Dooku, Revan or Caedus playing fair.

Traya would also do her best to dismantle and destroy her "fellows".

Anyway my model Dark Council based purely on SWTOR era folks would be:

Military Offense: Darth Angral
Defence of the Empire: Darth Marr
Military Strategy: Darth Malgus
Imperial Intelligence: Lana Beniko or Darth Jadus
Production and Logistics: Darth Vowrawn
Laws and Justice: Darth Mortis
Ancient Knowledge: Darth Thanaton or Nox
Science and Technology: Darth Mekhis
Expansion and Diplomacy: Darth Serevin

Scrap the rest tbh, they're superflous.


Krayt, Plagueis, Dooku come to mind right away.

Will complete later.

Dooku was technically only a half-Banite Sith, and I could see his ability to appear in public/political power being an asset to any Dark Council.

Darth Abonis
Palpatine: head of the council
Darth Marr
Darth Zannah
Darth Plauegis
Darth Revan
Darth Malgus
Darth Malak
Youngest member: Starkiller

What good would Maul do on a Dark Council? I'd imagine him to be more of the "Empire's Wrath" type. Why the hell is Starkiller there? Zannah? Good lord.

Count Dooku
Darth Vader
Darth Tenebrous
Darth Krayt
Naga Sadow
Darth Marr
Darth Zannah

Basically this council has many members that are fantastic tacticians with political savy. We have expert manipulators, some members who hold more arcane knowledge but are less politically savy, and overall it is just a good mix of people. Although I don't doubt that one of them will kill one of the others sooner or later (which is almost inevitable for most Dark Councils) these guys for the most part will work together and would be completely badass


Lord Stark
From all Eras:
Emperor: Darth Sidious
Emperor's Wrath: Darth Maul

Sphere of Ancient Knowledge: Darth Plagueis (Yeah, can't really think of anyone better for this)
Sphere of Biotic Science: Darth Wyyrlok (his knowledge of Krayt's armor and Vong tech would likely be great for an Empire)
Sphere of the Defense of the Empire: Darth Marr
Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy: Darth Tyranus (The guy manipulated the entire Separatist Senate, and convinced thousands of systems to defect, and raise the largest droid army in history)
Sphere of Imperial Intelligence: Darth Cronal (I know not a Darth, but I think he'd be perfect)
Sphere of Laws and Justice: Ulic-Qel Droma (Not a dick, and would make be good for actually routing out infighting in the Sith and keeping order)
Sphere of Military Offense: Darth Malak (Good synergy with Revan + as equals less of a temptation to betray him)
Sphere of Military Strategy: Darth Revan (Can coordinate with Kun and Marr easily.
Sphere of Mysteries: Darth Traya
Sphere of Production and Logistics: Darth Vindicaa (Ventress as a puppet for Dooku, as I think his wealth and influence would be the best for this, but I also think he's better suited for Expansion and Diplomacy than anyone sans Darth Sidious)
Sphere of Technology: Darth Vader

Didn't Darth Vindicaa whoop the shit out of Dooku? Some puppet.

Lord Stark
Originally posted by Nephthys
Didn't Darth Vindicaa whoop the shit out of Dooku? Some puppet.

I meant Ventress made a Darth to sit on the Council, not Ventress with a Talzin ritual. But yeah she did whoop Dooku.

|King Joker|
Darth Vindicaa is fvcking badass as hell. I would've loved to see her kick ass.

I'd like to toss in Maladi. She's a great scientist and spy master, but able to work with others. Not as rawly powerful as some, but skill in multiple areas.

Dooku's been brought up a lot, and he really is a good one for diplomacy.

Hm, The Council of Science Types:
Sorzus Syn
Belia Darzu (ruler during the mid era of the New Sith Wars, known for making Technobeasts)

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