Revan Kreia Power/knowledge.

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I want to make clear, I want researches, not blunt statements.
I Want to know what they clearly Know. Power that they coudl wild (but never mentionned, because you know their knowledge is a oceans where it is pointless to mention every water drops... It don't ad that much to the narration... I consider this as the biggest part of Revan knowledge and powers).

And bewteen those two, the non confirms ones, those where you have clues, but it is not confirm.
But for those, I want to go with the obsidian approach : WIth those clues put thoses possibilities into one of of the two prededent category, or in the category can't do or don't know.. (Wich is the smallest one in Darth Revan case....)

It is about sith mpagic, Rakattas technology and knowledge on the force.

When I try to go in a versus seri match with Darth Revan or Kreia, the problem is there is an hudge fource between what we know they are clearly cappble of, and what they could be cappble of... SInce we don't know what those two learned.....
For kreia it is much simplier, since her raw power is not that amazing and it explain why she did not kick the exile ass. (Despite being a Bioware final boss.) but again mechanic limits the rules of the engagement...And we can certainly find some explanation behind her self restriction like we do for movie character when we gave them super mega O.P power in the E.U and try to explain why they don't use those powers in the moovies... WE are good at making retcon. (despite some major failure), people tend forget how long it take to retcon the storm troopers suck thingy, and how many retcons it takes before finding a good one....
Anyway Darth Revan kicked Kreia ass in two second so we can assume that Revan remember what he learned, know how to use it with great effectivness, and peharps go a little deeper in his research than Kreia...
And since we don't know what he learned on the trayus academmy (and don't get me wrong Revan did learn a shit ton of tricks, and we know he can apply them, this is not because we don't know the nature of those trick that we have to conclude that he did not learn that much) , and especialy on Korriban. Where it is up to Revan exploration skill, and the time he past here (this is unknowed but Darth Revan find worth it to found an academmy on Korriban, the first sith academmy before trayus one, in all his empire, he did spend time here)
Please quote teh holocrons he might have found on Koriban, I mean found, not kept with him...
And there is also Vitiate teaching. Tecahing via force power still teaching.
How could we quantity Revan knowledge?

Thank to spend your time here !

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