Is fodder really fodder?

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Pardon for the strange questioning, rather late or early here for me. But just wanted to pose this question for everyone.

We the SWU various organizations, governments, planets and within those we have what would be considered cannon fodder. I actually look into it, is the fodder really fodder? By definition of cannon fodder, it is this..

Which for most people this leads to the line of thinking of...

"Well such and such just show up to die, they are useless." the SWU, this I don't see because you have books, you have guides, you have movies, you have shows etc.

That...not only follow established characters, but you have them following(to an extent) these nameless guys that are suppose to be cannon fodder.

Which in turn, these guys are shown to...

1. Have some pretty good feats despite their standing in the SWU. With some feats being extremely impressive.

2. Accolades to where they stand, training and so on.

3. Gear details.

These 3 points are also what make up an actual named characters we see, do they not?

On that note folks, are they truly fodder in the sense they are useless? Or do they just have that name in it being an illusion?

This isn't to say that their aren't fodder in the SWU, because you will find some that don't have those 3 points I mentioned above.

What I mean is, what we see on average are those that follow those 3 points. Which means that the cannon fodder ISN'T THE cannon fodder as I have come to see it.

This also means that it's more impressive for established characters when they defeated said fodder, because said fodder isn't lacking in any ability, they aren't just showing up just to show up ya know.

I apologize to any that may have a hard time following what I'm trying to say, as I should be sleeping. Hopefully someone gets my meaning, that and I was thinking about this all day so I wanted to know if anyone else has any other thoughts on the matter.

Interesting point you bring here.

Every unnamed character is not necessarily supposed to be fodder.

As an example, one of the Jedi victims of Darth Malgus was so powerful that he managed to collapse two buildings in an attempt to crush the Sith Lord beneath massive rubble and kill him. This tactic didn't work, but this feat is among the greatest telekinetic showings (and demonstrations of raw power) in the entire mythos. This Jedi have been identified only as a Zabrak.

There's no such thing as "fodder" or even a "featless" being, they're just referenced as such when they are so insignificant compared to a character or haven't done anything worthy of note relative to that thread. Which is fine because, for example, you're not going to go to the effort of talking about why Black Sun footsoldiers are so great when Maul is slaughtering 40 of them at a time, or if it's in a thread against a character who has an equivalent or better feat.

The only thing I really disagree with is people labelling certain brands of enemies as such on the premise alone that they are nameless and in a group. Fair enough if they have literally nothing going for them, but within the context of a story or in some external source, in SW at least, you're bound to find something useful.

Essentially, not all "fodder" are created equal.

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