Lex Luthor vs. The Joker (It's different this time!)

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This has clearly been brought up many times, I can remember off the top of my head a few times Lex and Joker have met in comics and cartoons, even. But I think I have a new scenario.

Lex Luthor, to celebrate DC fleshing out their own cinematic universe, is throwing a party with an extensive invite list. And for this party he's bringing in an order of 40 ill-gotten red cakes. But Joker wasn't invited to this party. And on top of that he wants to give the DC Cinematic Universe a better class of criminal. So Joker endeavors to crash Lex's party and kill him, along with anyone else he feel like killing at the party.

The Plan: Through bribery, threats, murder, and getting people to murder for him, Joker will have to chessmaster his way into Lex's network, and hijack and take control of the cake shipment. Then he'll have the cakes sent to Lex's party on schedule, but then Harley pops out in one of her many dress-up numbers. She sings a rhymey limerick praising Lex, but the joke's on him as the Joker's thugs also come out of the other cakes and start mowing everyone down, with particular attention to Lex.

But if Lex discovers in time that any of his people have turned on him, he might be able to stop the Joker. So the question of this battle is: Does Lex find out in time, and if so, can he stop and defeat the Joker? Here's the stats...


Standard arsenal, borrowing from the comics, cartoons, and the Nolanverse. Knives, acid, laughing gas, gag guns, shotguns, exploding stuff, etc.
28 days of prep. After 28 days, the plan is executed.
Operates at Nolanverse levels of control and strategic planning. He can put poison in the commissioner's drink, he can be in the evidence room handling evidence, he can break out of jail with stomach bombs, etc.
Is bringing Harley and 8 men with him. 4 of those men are armed with pump action shotguns and the other 4 are armed with tommy guns.
Harley is armed with standard gear, including the giant mallet. She also comes with 4 changes of costume: Police officer/security guard, cocktail dress/Allendale's entourage chick, Batgirl, and 2016 Suicide Squad.

Lex Luthor:

Has his New 52 money, connections, and government/societal status. Meaning he has his history as a government representative.
Has access to anything he can get his hands on, in time. Warsuit, orbital satellite laser cannons, anything that belongs to him or that can be bought by him. Provided he can get it and have it ready before Joker and the gang show up. He could send all the guests home, put on the Warsuit, and wait for Joker in his ballroom. If he finds out Joker's plan in time and flips it on him.
Prep time depends on how soon he discovers Joker's subversion. If he finds out at all.
Deathstroke, The Shade, and Copperhead will also be invited to this party, if they'll come. Maybe Lex can call on them? New 52 feats and standard equipment apply.

Battlefield removal allowed. Character induced stupidity on. Plot induced stupidity off. Whatever morals any of these people have are on. There are only as many bystanders as Lex allows there to be, unless he fails to catch Joker's plan, in which case there around 200 guests. Joker wins if Lex dies. Lex wins if he can foil Joker's plan, or otherwise remains unkilled.

Let the battle begin!

If this is too factor-heavy, let me know.

Its a bit too factor heavy with copperhead and their ilk involved but lets say you remove that wild card; Joker wins if Lex is caught unawares, any other scenario Joker gets dusted because Lex has far superior weaponry.

But does Lex find out ahead of time? This is more of a question of who can get the tactical upper hand on who.

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