That Moment When Luke Skywalker Ruins Your Day...

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I thought this passage was funny:

Once the door had closed on the passenger bay, Luke searched the immediate vicinity of the Force for some indication of where Jacen might be. He sensed his nephew deeper in the ship-in fact, he was about as far away as someone could get from the rest of the crew without actually leaving Jade Shadow. Luke imagined that Jacen probably just wanted some privacy, which he would happily give to him once he'd made sure everything was all right with the young man. It was only as he rounded the corner to where the power couplings interfaced with the reactor outlets that he heard voices, and realized that Jacen was not alone. Three paces later he was confronted with a sight that brought him to a halt-more from embarrassment than anything else.

Jacen and Danni Quee were standing close together by an open hatchway. Danni's hand was lightly touching Jacen's cheek, and she was saying something to him in a low and intimate voice. Luke couldn't hear what was being said, thankfully, but just seeing them would have been bad enough as far as Jacen and Danni would have been concerned.

He quickly tried to duck back around the corner before he was noticed, but it was too late.

Jacen looked up, and Danni turned to follow his gaze. She hastily pulled her hand away as they stepped apart. For a few uncomfortable seconds, nobody spoke, and no one's eyes met.

"I'm sure Mara would have something appropriate to say at a moment like this," Luke ventured into the awkward silence.

Jacen nodded. "Probably something about not being able to expect privacy on a starship," he said.

"I'll leave you-"

"No," Danni said quickly. "Really. It's all right." She brushed back her hair and, indicating the open hatch, smiled. "We can check out that dodgy surge arrestor another time, if you like."

Jacen nodded once, then Danni stepped past Luke without another word, leaving the two men to talk.

"I'm so sorry," Luke said when she had gone. "I had no idea that-"

|King Joker|
Luke Skywalker - cock-blocker confirmed.

Bet he wished he'd blocked a little.

Nah, then Allana Solo wouldn't have been born.

XD. Ha luke, but the worst thing is Luck shot in EaW Gold. Thios really ruin your day.. He O.S a space station !!!!

Ha humhum yhea I'm an EaW fan, and YODEN MOD 2016 IS AAAAAAAAAWWSOOOOOMMMMMEEE !!!!!!

Anyway this preiod need a reboot....

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