A concerning thought...

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So before Disney/Marvel got Star Wars, the EU was chalk full of information, details and even showcasing that at times your nameless guy could pull of some impressive feats that usually aren't found in other forms of comics or novels. (Well from what I've read anyway)

Examples coming to mind, Storm/Clone Troopers, Red Guards, Royal Guards, Magnaguards, Mandalorians and so on.

All of them have some impressive feats for being what they are and I like that, because it's not just your main characters that have these great feats.

Even the lowest of the low, a Pirate for example has at least some pretty good information via capabilities and such in various Sourcebooks.

My concern though now is that, is Disney/Marvel going to do the same as Lucasarts/Dark Horse did?

In that they won't just focus on named characters, but these other guys that make up the SWU.

I feel as if Star Wars is one giant gear machine, the big pieces are the named characters, while the little pieces are your average/standard dudes that are there, but they also have a purpose in being there.

I hope they do, because that was an enjoyable part of Star Wars for me that made it complete.

I guess I'm looking at this more at Marvel, as they don't give focus to the smaller guys in their comics and instead just throw them at the main characters to just be there....but I hope that isn't the case for the future.

Idk...maybe I'm just overthinking this.

Darth Abonis
Its definitely something that concerns me. I can't sleep some nights, thinking about the NU, how it will grow. I want it to be just as big as the old one, but after 2020, Star Wars may dry up. Unless they go back to the Old Republic and do it all over again.

Fated Xtasy
Well, there's a Key difference between the Marvel Comics and Dark Horse/LucasArts, in that Marvel's used to dealing with these extremely god like characters in several different series.
(Vision, Thor and Zeus come to mind)

and so, it's obvious that they can't focus on the "smaller/normal guys" because of the grand scheme of their comic. It also helps that their stories can fit into separate continuities, versus SW, where Disney Canon is trying to focus on all the events that lead to the Force Awakens and thereafter.

That's how i see it anyway. I think Marvel will focus the "little" guy, but not anytime soon.

Originally posted by Darth Abonis
I can't sleep some nights thinking about the NU, how it will grow. .
LMFAO. Profiled.

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