Zann Consortium exists in the new canon

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In the new I phone game Star Wars Uprising there is a game mechanic where you can hire your own crew of rebels. One of the types of people that you can hire is an Ex-Zann Consortium agent. I was unable to complete the game because the app kept crashing on me so I don't know if the Zann Consortium is mentioned any further than this but I find it highly interesting that they are bringing back the Zann Consortium when it didn't have that big of a fan base. Personally I liked the Zann Consortium and I'm.glad they are bringing it into the new canon, although what role it will play is unknown.

What are your thoughts on this?

Zenwolf long as they keep it reasonable.

1D4chan seal of approval on the character, you see even warhammer 40K fan love.
**** they deleted teh description..
They where wishing that the due had mroe screen time for befriending an immortal bird boarding the eclipse, could have been emperor bud decided to go thug life...
Etc etc....
But admit it corrupting an AT-TT is bad ass.... Nobody escape corruption..

Well be happy Darth Ant 66 :
Gift that link is gold...

Web arhive is magique :

Tyber Zann: While only appearing in the Empire at War expansion Forces of Corruption video game and a few short comics, his badassery is so great that such a being deserves a mention. Used to be in the Empire before being backstabbed by Thrawn and decided to **** this shit and start his own criminal organization, the Zann Consortium. Think of it as a mix between a Mexican drug cartel and an African warband instead of the Hut's Mafia deal. His achievements include: Double backstabbing the Black Sun's by pulling off a robbery and tricking Darth Vader into thinking they did it, befriending a immortal force sensitive chicken man, trolling Thrawn, being the first criminal faction in Star Wars history to eclipse the Hutts in pure power and influence, freed and recruited sexy Sith amazons who ride rancors into battle, rob the Imperial archives AND stole the Eclipse, a super star destroyer with a death star laser mounted on the front before eradicating a sizable chunk of the Imperial and Rebel fleets. Could have been Emperor but decided he wasn't going to deal with that shit and ****ed off with enough money to buy himself a dozen death stars. With Jabba dead he would now be the king pin of the galaxy, or he would be if the pour guy got any more screen time.

Everyone have a price....

Heyhey !

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