Gods May Cry(Devil May Cry x God of War)

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This is my first fanfic so i'm sorry if there is a problem with my FanFic big grin

Part 1

Kratos visits Fortuna City and Create a Destruction, Wrecks many Cars, objects etc in the streets and suddenly Nero shows up and confront Kratos

Nero: Hey, Pal! What did you do with this city?

Kratos looks to Nero and Confront Nero

Kratos: I've been enough patient for everyone that messing with me because I'M THE GOD OF WAR!!!!! (and a Random Bird gets hit by a lightning in the sky and he pulls out his Blades) If Anyone Cannot salute me, i will rip their heart, tear them apart and slaughter them!!!!!!

Nero pulls out Vergil's Yamato and aim it to Kratos with his right hand

Nero: Heh, you really can defeat me and my family??? I don't think so because we are the Sparda Family and Sparda Family never loses and give up!!! Come on, Big guy, show me what you got!!!!

Kratos: Heh, You really want to mess the God of War, aren't ya? You would lose this time because i could rip your heart, tear you apart, slaughter you or steal your souls!!!!

Nero: Hehe, We don't have a soul because we are the immortals and we are the strongest Family in the universe!!!!

Kratos: Oh yeah? We'll see about that!

Finally, Kratos and Nero stands each other with their sword/blade and they began fight and Both rush forward against each other and Nero swings the Yamato and Kratos Swings His Blade and Both breaks and both pushes with their weapon against each other

Nero: (in the middle of the fight) Hey, Bub. I know we are tie but you never gonna make it!

Kratos: Not today, son!

Nero: Oh, I will see what's your capable of this fight!

Kratos: Alright then, Son.

They pull out their swords and continue fight each other and suddenly Both stab each other's stomach together and got bleeding.

Nero: (when got bleeding) Oh.... Ho... Ho... Ho... That wasn't bad at all but, i still got you... Ahh...

Kratos: (Got bleeding) uhuk uhuk... I guess you're right... But, i has been stabbed by a Blade of Olympus... and i got back alive from the death...

Nero: W...W...W...Wh...Wh...Wha....T?

Kratos: Yeah.... That's... What.... I... Did... Kid.... But... You... Got... Me... With... Your... Sword...

Both of them fall down to the ground and when they fell down and Kratos pulls out Claws of Hades and Kratos get up and walk slowly because he ran out of blood

Kratos: (when he walk slow to Nero) I... Will... Steal... Your... Soul... With... Th... Thi... This... One....

Nero: (When he fell down to the ground) N... N... No... Pl... Plea.... Se... I... Was... Just... Underest... Timated... Your... Capable... Just No...

Kratos: It's too late, Son... For now, I will steal your soul!

In a random rooftop, Dante stands in the balcony and saw Nero layed down to the ground with Kratos was stand in there

Dante: (When look to Nero and Kratos) Ne... Nero? No! No, Nero! No!!! Curse you, White Pal! I will kick your A$$!

Dante get to the high ground and he jump and fall down and perform an air kick

Dante: You will take this, Pal!

After Dante air kicks Kratos, Kratos got back fall down to the ground and Nero looks to Dante

Nero: Unc... Unc... Uncle Da... Da... Dante?

Dante: (Runs toward to Nero) Nero! Nero! Are you okay? You look bleeding so much

Nero: Yes, Uncle. I'm... Bleeding... So... Mu... Mu... Much... You Need... To... Help... Me...

Dante: (grabs Nero) Don't Worry, Nero. I will take you to the hospital to make you better.

Nero: (smiles) Thanks, Uncle. You are the best Uncle i ever have in this world...

Dante: (Smiles too) No problem, Nero. No Problem.

Kratos gets up from the ground and see both Dante and Nero

Kratos: Who are you people!!!?? Are you guys really Immortals???

Dante and Nero looks to Kratos

Dante: Yes, We Are. We are really... The Immortals!

And Dante pulls out his Rebellion and runs toward to Kratos and stab Kratos and Kratos got Bleeding

Kratos: Uh... Uh... Uh...

Dante: This is for my cousin!

And Kratos fall down to the ground again and Dante called an Ambulance for Nero and they go to hospital. When in the hospital, the Nurses picks Nero up and drop him into the Hospital Bed(or whatever) and Dante get curious and talk to one of the Nurse who carries Nero

Dante: Is He Okay, Nurse?

A Random Nurse: We not sure about that but we assume he's okay

Dante: Alright then, Ma'am.

In the street of the downtown, Kratos wakes up from the Ground and Try to Find Dante and Nero.

Kratos: (shouts) Where Are you, The Spardas!!!??? I will Crush you apart!!!!

And a random citizens heard and see Kratos shouts

A random citizen: Who is that guy? Is he crazy or something?

The other citizens: Idk, but i think he's crazy!

And the citizens run away and Kratos wrecks random objects and Dante heard Kratos wrecks any random objects and he run toward to Kratos to stop him make any havoc in the city. After Dante found Kratos, Dante confront him.

Dante: You! I want you to stop making a destruction in our city and get back where you came from!

Kratos: No, I won't! Until I kill you, Son of Sparda!

Dante: You want to kill with Me? Hah! You will never win from now, until forever against me!

And Dante challenges Kratos to fight each other in the Streets of Fortuna City. Could the Son of Sparda Beats the God of War? To be continued in the next part!

Part 2
Dante and Kratos stand against each other and being angry against each other

Dante: You... Big White guy... I like to see you dies this time... Because... I don't like how you did to my city...

Kratos: Not at all. Because i just wrecked the Downtown. I haven't destroyed the hill, forest etc besides The Downtown...

Dante: I love my city, i was a Terrorist to the citizens and the entire of this city... But now i've changed myself. For now, i will protect this city forever until i die

Kratos: Keep Dreaming. Because I called my entire army of spartans!!!

So, 300 Spartans came in and be an alliance for Kratos and they began the fight

Kratos: Charge!!!!!!

The Spartans and Kratos run toward to Dante and Dante Jumps and go to the random building

Dante: Come and Get Me if you can!

Kratos: Get Him!!!

And the Spartans and Kratos crushes the random building that Dante is in up there and Dante dodge and go to another building. The Spartans and Kratos crushed the Building

Dante: Yuhuu! Over here!

Kratos and The Spartans run toward to Dante and they getting madder than they mad before

Dante: Screw this! I will slaughter them.

And first, Dante pulls out his Ebony Ivory Handguns and shoot over them with him doing an acrobat stuff. And Dante pulls his Rebellion and swings it into Kratos and Kratos dodge it in the very close range. And Kratos swings his Blade to Dante when Dante doing acrobat and it got attacked to Dante and Dante stop his acrobat and fall down to the Ground and he get back up. He slaughters the Spartans with his Lucifer and Kratos rush into him and Kratos grab him and stab him and swings him apart and Dante fall down and he get back up

Dante: How dare you, Big Guy! I see you're pretty good too. But, i won't give up just for that!

Kratos: Get over here, Kid! I will rip you apart!!!!(Shouts)

Dante: Alright then.

Dante and Kratos run toward against each other and Fight against each other and Dante Dodge Kratos' Blade and he do that again for a many times and He Attacks Kratos and Kratos Blocks Dante's Sword and Kratos say something to Dante

Kratos: You are to skilled for this! H-How did you get so skilled on this? Are you a professional Swordsmen or something? Please Explain

Dante: Heh! Sure, We are the Spardas are skilled in Speed, Agility, Swordsmen and Gunslinger abilities!

Kratos: Oh i see. But take this!

Kratos stabs and Dante Dodge the Blade and Kratos uses his Blade's Chains to Grab Dante and He swings Dante into Random place and Dante fall down to the ground and Dante get up again and pull out his Ebony Ivory and Shoot Kratos and Kratos gets hurt

Kratos: Auch, Auch. That's Hurt but not so much! I still want to tear you apart!

Dante: (Taunts Kratos) Come on!

Kratos: (runs toward to Dante) Rrraaarrgghhh!!!! This time has no mercy!!!!! Arrrgghhh!!!!

Dante: Heeeyaaahhhh!!!! Come here!!!!

They attacks against each other and Dante dodge Kratos' Blade and He pulls out the Gilgamesh(DMC4 Weapon) and he Chops Kratos into Half and Kratos turns into Half

Dante: That was easy with My Gilgamesh. Thanks to this weapons! Yeeehaa!!!! (Flip and go back away)

Kratos regen from being into Half and said to Dante

Kratos: Ahh... Finally. Now, you stop Right there!

Dante turns back his head and look into Kratos and suprised

Dante: H-H-How? How did you get back from Death? I chopped you into Pieces with my Gilgamesh and i did it

Kratos: It's not that simple(Pulls out the Claws of Hades) now, it's time for Soul Time

Dante steps back and say

Dante: Oh, no! What do you want from me???

Kratos: Your soul, Pal!

Dante: Noooooooo!!!!!!

Kratos uses the Claws of Hades to steal Dante's soul and he got a hard time to steal Dante's soul and the soul is already stealed and Kratos already killed Dante

Kratos: Finally, the Son of Sparda Dies... Looks like my job in here is finished... But, wait! I think i haven't killed the another one but he's not my objective on my mission

Kratos finally get out from Fortuna City and get back to his world with no doubt

The End!

This might crap for you guys but this is only the idea that i got! confused and also, sorry for bad english stick out tongue

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