Create a space crew

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Looking at you, Dreampanther, in the same vein as your cop show.
And anyone else of course.

You get to create your own crew, modeled on the classic starship positions, whichever you think are most important.

You can only use contemporary characters (20th/21st century), no far future ones who are already out in space on some other ship.

You can however use aliens.
Your crew should actually be a mix of humans and aliens, of varying ages, in the best starship tradition.
Robots allowed.

CPT. Clarence Colton is the captain's captain; steadfast loyal and brave, smart, dedicated and good with his fists.
He's also 100% honest, which is why he needs...
...First Officer Dick Solomon.
Self centered, arrogant, willing to exploit friend & foe alike to achieve his goals. An experienced captain in his own right, he's more than capable of taking over when needed.
Science Officer Martin O'Hara has vast TP and TK powers.
He can also out-MacGyver MacGyver. On earth since the 60s, he doesnt mind going back up into space for a while. Unfazed by danger, he often works closely with fellow techie...
...Tactical Officer Claudia Donovan.
Experienced in facing the strange and bizarre, she's even more experienced in devising ways to win in seemingly impossible situations.
Helmsman Gordon Shumway has only ever crashed one ship he's piloted.
Not too shabby.
He's perfect to sit at the controls, as he's never really seen from the waist down. A big time prankster, he's good friends with...
...Chief Engineer Howard Wolowitz.
Never at a loss for words or inspiration, Wolowitz will do anything and everything to keep the ship running. He has a wife and kids at home, and refuses to die in space.
Communications Officer Bree Davenport is perfect for the job.
A teenage girl born with a cellphone in her hand. She's also bionically enhaced and had super speed, which helps her multi task. Surrogate big sister to...
...Security Chief Vicky (last name classified).
A robot with prodigious strength and offensive power, her diminutive size puts opponents off their game. She makes a habit, in her off time, of annoying...
...Medical Officer Dr. Gregory House.
Access to Zero G devices to rest his leg, space age drugs to self medicate with, and House still manages to be a grumpy bastard.
Still, there's no one better to figure out what ails you. And piss you off while doing it.

Captain - I'm going with me. Thought the idea was to pick a crew for you to captain.

First Officer - Jack Bauer, self explanatory really, sure he'd commit mutiny half a dozen times a year but someone's got to get that Mirror Universe version of me out of the Captains chair.

Science Officer - Douglas Fargo (Eureka), top scientist, nuff said.

Security Officer - Alien Bounty Hunter (X-Files), shape-shifter, virtually unkillable and intimidating as hell.

Tactical Officer - Veronica Mars, brains and beauty, just what my ship needs.

Chief Engineer - Ray Palmer (Legends Of Tomorrow/Arrow), genius and can shrink down to get to those hard to reach circuit boards, I would think the banter between him and Fargo would be good too.

Communications - Willow Rosenberg (Buffy), can use witchcraft to do stuff, possibly, either way, I'm happy.

Chief Medical Officer - Dana Scully (X-Files), has actually performed several alien autopsies.

VERY clever!

You as Captan is a-ok, very outside the box.
I love your description of Jack Bauer! laughing out loud
I wonder if his mirror universe self would be Tom Kirkman?

You tapped a great show in Eureka. Lots of great picks there; i almost used Deputy Andy as my robot security chief.
Its great you took into account how the characters would interact, and didnt just plug names in there.

Yeah, practically any character from Eureka would be a legitimate choice for a crew member, Jack and his daughter being the only real possible exceptions.


^^^Yeah thats pretty unimaginative.

Originally posted by riv6672
^^^Yeah thats pretty unimaginative. I'm just telling the truth

Alright here's another crew I'd assemble

Captain - I'll go with President Bartlett from The West Wing. He's deeply knowledgeable, an inspiring leader and can make the tough decisions.

First Officer - Dwight Schrute from The Office. There is literally no character more loyal and more respecting of hierarchy

Science Officer - Rick from Rick and Morty, because he's a genius capable of everything. He just needs a bit of a tight leash, but I feel it would be entertaining.

Security Officer - Here I'll go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she's spunky and kicks ass

Tactical Officer - Here I'll go with MacGyver, he's inventive and will know what to do.

Chief Engineer - Over here I get to go with one of my favorite Firefly characters, Kaylee Frye. She can fix any spaceship.

Communications - Dr. Frasier Crane from Cheers/Frasier does the job here

Chief Medical Officer - I'll put in another Firefly character here, Dr. Simon Tam. Because you can't have Kaylee without Simon. And also he's one of the best doctors in the galaxy


Ha! Man, this is a puzzler... Interesting challenge!

Okay, let me see:


Phillip J. "Phil" Coulson. Former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. IMO, there is no one more qualified or better suited to lead this mission. Nothing phases him and not even death stopped him. One of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most decorated operatives and hand-picked by Nick Fury to be the new Director.

He has extensive experience dealing with aliens, both friendly and hostile. He is a leader who stays calm under pressure and earns the unswerving loyalty of his team members. He is also an expert in espionage, interrogation, firearms and martial arts. He likes to lead from the front and has the skills to back himself up. Plus, now he has a robot hand.

First Officer

Derek Morgan. He's the guy you want watching your back. Loyal to a fault with enough experience and leadership skills to command whenever Coulson is not around. Not as out-of-the-box thinker as Coulson, but his pragmatic and rational approach will ground the crew and help them stay safe on their missions. His background in law, with the BAU of the FBI, the bomb squad and the Chicago PD, as well as his own H2H skills will always push him to prioritise safety and security and be wary of any hidden danger. This makes him the perfect in-between for his Captain and his Chief of Security.

Chief of Security

Mazikeen (Maze). She'll slit your throat and then kick you in the crotch for bleeding on her shoes. Thousands of years old, her demonic powers and abilities ensures she is nobody you want to mess around with. Superhuman strength and speed already make her more than qualified, but she's also an expert at H2H and knives, she's immortal, she has slight TK and persuasive powers and she remains active even in slowed-down time.

Her main drawback, of course is the very thing that makes her so qualified: The fact that she's a demon. Her empathy and sympathy for humans is almost non-existent. However, I am willing to bet that she and Derek Morgan will be compatible and that he will be able to gain her respect and trust. As she's shown, she's fiercely loyal and protective of those she cares about.


Captain H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock, probably the best pilot that ever lived. He claims he can fly anything with wings and hasn't been proven wrong yet. He also has a genius-level aptitude, speaking more than six languages and has a photographic memory. The only drawback is that his own teammates might end up wanting to strangle him.

Science Officer

Abigail "Abby" Sciuto. Chief Forensic Scientist of NCIS, Abby has some serious skills. It doesn't matter if it's computers, chemistry or car crashes, Abby will figure out what happened and why. Rather than just an expert in one field, I want a jack-of-all-trades who won't get stumped by something strange and mysterious but will rely on science for the answer. She has a Masters degree in forensic science, a PHD in chemistry and all they need to do to keep her happy is stay out of her coffin and provide her with a never-ending supply of Caf-Pow.

Chief Engineer

Disclaimer - I stopped watching Flash a season or so ago because I wasn't enjoying it anymore, so if anything radical changed that disqualifies him lemme know.

Cisco Ramon. His CV writes itself (and if it doesn't, Cisco can probably engineer something that will enable it to do so). Genius-level intellect. Expert computer hacker. Master engineer/biologist. And when his engineering skills aren't needed, his meta powers like vibing and opening portals will be invaluable. Plus, I think he and Abby will be a good fit (not romantic, more like younger brother/older sister).

Chief Medical Officer

The Big Cat himself, Dr. Jorge "El Gato Negro" Villanueva.

Dr. Sung Park

Honestly, I'm torn, so I'm going to approach both these guys and then make up my mind up after I've interviewed them. Both are imminently qualified.

Villanueva is the trauma chief at Chelsea General Hospital, admired and respected by everyone who works there. He would be fantastic in emergency situations and will get along with everybody.

Park is an attending neurosurgeon and an absolute freaking genius. However, his social skills are poor at best and he likes his operation room quiet and under control, so I'm not sure what his reaction would be in a chaotic situation.

I like Villanueva for battle situations and I like Park for figuring out alien physiology.

Communications Officer

Harold Finch. At first I thought about getting a language expert, then realised that kind of approach is outdated. Why do I need a language expert when I can get the guy who built the world's first AI and specialises in encryption ad decryption? Let the Machine do the work!

So, what do you think?

I think...
...that was worth the wait! yes

You should keep both Park & Villanueva, that way one could go on away team missions, while the other kept things straight on board ship. thumb up
Swapping a demon for an alien was a nice twist.

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