Why didn't Talzin just kill Dooku on Dathomir?

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Referring to this scene.

It doesn't make sense; it would've been easier and pretty much guaranteed for him to die.

Ventress could've gone in for the kill with Talzin and night-sisters backing her up if needed.

That's cause Talzin's skills don't really reside in direct combat. She's immensely powerful, more so on Dathomir, but in close quarters she's pretty low-tier. Nightsisters don't hold the candle to Dooku as we know; even with Dooku attacked at night and drugged they still failed.

Fighting here, on an open ground, with Dooku far from being suddenly woke up, wouldn't go well for them. Well, I guess Talzin+Ventress+5 Nightsisters would seal the deal, but if Dooku arrived with some kind of backup, a bunch of droids for instance, he could send them as cannon fodder and escape pretty easily.

And if he did, it would be game over for Talzin and the Nightsisters. We would have the "Massacre" episode once again, only with Dooku in charge and a far worse slaughter. They didn't want to fight Dooku and Separatists for a reason.

Dooku > Talzin

10/10 troll

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10/10 troll How did you know? I could've been serious.

I mean what was their alternative plan to not get crushed by Dooku's army?

Even if Savage and Ventress killed him, the droids or sheev or someone would figure out that Savage was a traitor and hence trace it back to Talzin and invade.

How can Talzin put up a great fight against Sheev in person but not do the same with Dooku? :/

It's probably not that easy to blame Talzin. Evidently Dooku and Sidious didn't think her the sentimental type as they weren't expecting her to shield Ventress and risk everything for her. It doesn't make much sense though.

I mean, she must have expected Sidious to not get too angry if it was by that method. We know she had the means to kill Dooku from across the galaxy the entire time anyway, so that's the only way it makes sense.

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Dooku might have left orders to come for him if he doesn't return in such and such time.

We see later in "Massacre" that Talzin and her Nightsisters were no match for Grievous's droid army.

But it was all likely a ploy to get Maul back. She wanted Dooku to train Ventress's champion. Not sure if she knew all along that would be Savage.

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