Lucasfilm Exec Confirms New Star Wars Trilogy Very Similar to George Lucas' Concepts

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Interesting claims!

"Hidalgo's confirmation of these timeline adjustments came as a result of one user pointing out that, as revealed in the book The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lucas always intended to craft a film involving Han Solo and Leia's son turning to the Dark Side, killing Han and having killed many of his fellow students at an early age. Additionally, Rey convincing Luke to come out of hiding was an element Lucas toyed with, with all of these events originally to have been handled in the hypothetical Episode VII."

Star Wars is really a cash cow now lmao.

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If this stuff is true it paints the ST in a different light entirely.

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I don't see what difference it makes if it came from Lucas or not. Lucas isn't above stupid ideas; we know that.

True, but a lot of the fan rage comes from people disgruntled at the treatment of the OT and its characters and of Lucas' ideas.

I think this diffuses a lot of that.

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Peopel whot hate TLJ will see it for what it is and won't believe the GL part. It's like with Mark Hamills excuses on twitter and Instagram, they seemed forced and people said "we know Disney forces you to write this, we understand and love you". Disney lost those fans, they have new ones, mayybe the will be as dedicated as those they lost, let's wait for EP9 and see.

Box office is a success, though maybe they expected more, maybe they are worried after this backlash for the next part, who knows.

Lucas has repeatedly damaged his own inventions; look no further than most of his Special Edition changes to the OT. The general fanbase also harps on about midi-chlorians, Vader's younger self being a whiny brat, and so on. This is only more direct because it actually involves OT characters like Luke, and he goes radically out-of-character here for completely implausible reasons. It's terrible regardless of whether it was Lucas' idea or not.

Maybe it diffuses a lot for some other fans, but not for me.

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