Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy Storyboards - Insights!

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I purchased a book with a lot of the storyboards from the prequel trilogy. They're not Canon (nor Legends), but it's interesting to see the behind-the-scenes.


- George Lucas toyed with the idea of having the Jedi be able to turn invisible and being in a constant state of Force speed (as briefly shown early in the movie).

- There's a scene where Obi-Wan gets surrounded by a dozen droidekas. They all open fire and the barrage goes on for a long period of time, similar to The Last Jedi. The dust settles and it reveals Obi-Wan isn't there, but rather Force sped down the hall.

- Anakin and Padme are much closer in age and Anakin kisses her on the cheek on Tatooine.

- In the final fight, Maul casts an illusion so that when Obi-Qan goes to strike him, he hits air and it is revealed that Darth Maul is actually behind him. Also in the battle, the final reactor room gets swarmed by battle droids, so that when Qui-Gon and Darth Maul fight they are completely swarmed and there's tons of droid cross-fire and casualties.


- Anakin and Obi-Wan separate on the Invisible Hand. Obi-Wan is captured and taken to the bridge as Anakin fights Dooku. Dooku initially feigns surrender to Anakin, then blasts him with Force lightning. Anakin deflects with his lightsaber and Dooku hurls destroyed battle droids at Anakin. Anakin destroys them and quickly cuts off Dooku's hands. Anakin does not hesitant to kill Dooku, and rather beheads him brutally akin to a two-handed axe decapitation.

- Grievous is hands-down overpowered. Obi-Wan walks into his bridge to see him snap Shaak Ti's neck and throws her corpse on the floor. Obi-Wan attempts to stab Grievous in the chest, but his armor reflects it. Obi-Wan strikes again and Grievous catches the lightsaber with his hands and, using the lightsaber as a weight, throws it and Obi-Wan backwards.

- When Anakin lands the Invisible Hand, Mace Windu uses the Force to halt it to a stop.

- When Padme goes to Mustafar, she is confronted by a number of droidekas. Her crew and her open fire, but then Anakin shows up form the Seperatist headquarters. Without a gesture, Anakin destroys all the droidekas, then walks past Padme completely. Padme forces Anakin to look at her and they kiss - but Anakin sees Obi-Wan as the kiss. Anakin proceeds to literally ragdoll Padme around the platform.

The Lost
Originally posted by DarthAnt66
Anakin proceeds to literally ragdoll Padme around the platform.

omfg this would've been ****ing hilarious.

In all seriousness, it's interesting to see how these characters could've shaped up in versus matches and how it would've likely changed some of the ways in which later Legends books/comics were written.

Definitely would have demonstrated that Anakin really was fully immersed in the dark side, since we didn't get to see him actually kill the younglings.

Lord Stark
What's the book called? Mace Windu halting the Invisible Hand would have been dope. I also wish they used the original version of Yoda vs. Sidious.

Sith Master X
Padme was also originally supposed to have a knife with her when she confronts Anakin on Mustafar. Her intent was to kill Anakin but then realize that she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Thought that would have been interesting, honestly.

I can't see it personally ^


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