Was The Death Star An Inside Job?

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Evidence that the Death Star was an inside job, and that the "rebellion" had ties to the empire.

1. Numerous reports point out that Darth Vader, who is believed to be none other than the famous "freedom fighter" Anakin Skywalker, was seen talking to Luke Skywalker circa 0BBY aboard the Death Star just shortly before it's destruction.

2. Luke is believed to be a possible relative of Vader's, as is one of the leader's of the rebellion, Princess Leia.

3. Both Luke and Anakin learned all of their mechanical and piloting skills, where? Tatooine, the modern equivalent of Afghanistan, which has a clear history of slavery, human trafficking, poverty and radicalisation of so-called "rebels" and "Jedi". This includes "pod-racing" (providing pilot training), training in electronics and weapons training. All of which was overseen by "Ben" Kenobi, who used to work for the Jedi Order which nobody seems to mention these days.

4. The explanation that Luke flew a starfighter along the surface of the Death Star, avoiding it's vast array of weaponry, while being pursued by multiple TIE fighters including Darth Vader himself, a renowned master pilot who is also Force-sensitive, without being destroyed, is simply impossible and far too fantastical to believe.

5. It's also been propagated that Leia just "happened upon" the Death Star blueprints, which apparently slipped out of Vader's grasp, with no explanation given as to how, however nobody points out that these plans were relayed to none other than Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi, the very terrorists supposedly responsible for infiltrating the Death Star.

6. The most damning evidence of all, perhaps, is that proton torpedos cannot melt durasteel plating, because they simply do not produce sufficient heat to melt such thick plating in the given time needed to destroy the reactor. This has been proven many times over by the empire's structural engineers and welders. So even if you believe the propaganda that Luke Skywalker was allowed to waltz up to the 2 meter wide shaft, through the Death Star's army of turbolasers, and fire a "precise" hit in order to start a "chain reaction" (notice the utter lack of real scientific vocabulary being used here), there is no way in hell it could have even caused sufficient damage.

It is my theory, therefore, that the Battle of Yavin was a false flag operation conducted by the joint efforts of Darth Vader and his son, Luke Skywalker, in order to justify further illegal military action in the outer rim worlds. The "rebels" and "stormtroopers" are being financed by the same contractors. This is simply a war of profit, not freedom.

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The "Darth Vader is Anakin" reports are desinfo created by the Empire to hide the true fact that the "hero" of the rebellion, Luke Skywalker, is, in fact, Darth Vader.


1- Darth Vader was widely known to be the greatest pilot of all the Empire. Suddenly, we have a "guy" that is as good as him. Only a fool wouldn't do the math and notice the ridiculous probability issues here.

2- The supposed Vader talking with the supposed Luke just before the explosion of the Death Star is nothing more than a double. They were probably briefing each other about future plans to be carried by Vader (aka Luke Skywalker)

3- The reports about Vader being the jedi Anakin Skywalker are a blatant attempt at desinfo that backfired - that's why the Empire stood by it. It's a vain approach to try to prevent the dimwitted to connect the dots: by admitting a jedi became Darth Vader, they protect the most damning fact that the leader of the rebellion is Darth Vader.

4-Vader uses a black mask and his voice is mechanicaly modified.

5-Darth Vader (aka Luke Skywalker) is a protegee of the Emperor and is being groomed to be his sucessor.

6-Luke Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) is the leader of the rebellion and will continue to be in the future years.

The Anakin-Luke-Vader triangle has been solved: Anakin died during the purge, the empire used his identity and some guy as a placeholder until the Emperor could find a proper sucessor. As the Emperor found Luke, he immediately assumed the role of Darth Vader and, simultaneously, the empire spread the rumors about Luke being Vader's son (again, to hide the fact Luke is Vader).

The guy wearing Vader's attire in the Death Star right before it's explosion is, most likely, the placeholder that acted as Vader before Luke - he was said to look much older than Luke (real Vader).

Just to comment about your 5 topic: The blueprints didn't slip Vader's grasp: Vader, being in fact Luke Skywalker, gave them to Leia. The dots connect perfectly.

Now you just sound like a conspiracy theorist.

A Moff recovered a tape before the destruction of the second Death Star that shows the assassination of Emperor Palpatine by Darth Vader.


Pretty damning evidence.

Originally posted by ILS
Now you just sound like a conspiracy theorist.

I know the truth is harsh but it's the truth.

How do you interpret the following facts:

1-The rumors about Luke being Vader's son beginning immediately after Luke featured as some sort of hero. They could've just remained quiet and let people assume Luke was some backward farm boy.

2-Luke being as good as Vader with a starfighter. This is a question of probability: how a shitty organization like the rebellion can produce a pilot as good as the best one produced by the empire's greatest academy?

3-The myth surrounding the name Anakin: Why only several years after the end of the Jedi, sporadic and contradictory rumors about the fate of Anakin Skywalker started? The answer is obvious, they were preparing the ground to put Luke on the lights and, as such, needed something to feed the people with.

4-If Anakin was indeed Vader, why the Empire would hide it? Anakin was hero and having someone like him support the Empire would give it even more legitimacy.

5-As you said, how the f*ck the blueprints of the greatest weapon of the galaxy fall on the hands of the rebellion - seemly before it was even completed.

Only fools refuse to see the truth, my friend. You are almost there.

It is a well-known fact that Emperor Palpatine offered Luke clemency should he eliminate his treasonous father. Anakin Skywalker was not a hero. Stop falling for Jedi propaganda.

Stop being a dumb sheep.

The Emperor's offer was nothing more than a attempt to free himself from the Anakin-Vader-Luke fiasco that I discovered. If Luke "killed" "Vader" and assumed his place the Emperor's side, then he wouldn't need to wear the suit anymore and all the Anakin-Luke-Vader triangle would've become obsolete. That would make further research pretty difficult for the young minds about the true nature of the Empire.

That course of events, however, would'be some unwanted questions would arise and that's exactly why, ultimately, the Emperor preferred to continue with passive-aggressive "Anakin is Vader" leaks than to try to burn the archieves of his past blunders.

He wanted to avoid to create more blunders in order to cover older ones.

Why would he help Darth Vader when he knew damn well he wanted to kill him?

Freedon Nadd
Vader needs a regulation once in a while.

At least we can all agree that Vader was a terrorist.

The Ellimist
This is even funnier if you read Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. thumb up

Lol at all the conspiracy theories. Everyone knows that the death star was propaganda that never existed and was nothing more than a political trick to ensure the loyalties of the moffs.

It's destruction was a clever ruse orchestrated by princess leia with the help of the O'Kenoby Gang, led by Benny "wiseman" O'Kennoby, along with Hansel "lightning hands" Shooter, Chewie "shaggy" Baccarat and Luke "babyface" Clodplodder.

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