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Power and abilities
"He is a talented warrior, our best driver."
"But she does not care about her gifts."
"Sometimes in the past, yes."
- Kit Fisto, Adi Gallia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lightsaber training
Jedi Knight
"If you've spent too much time using your saber techniques as you're wit, you'll be going to love Yoda as a sword."
"I thought I had already done it."
"In your opinion only, you read so much."
-Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker

The skywalker is facing lightaber, without his master
Anakin Skywalker was trained by Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi. By means of him, the Skywalker would benefit from a rich culture of lightaber training. The Skywalker style has many masterpieces, making it very talented, even when he is very young.
Both forms of Form V were the Anakin Skywalker's styles of fighting, as their anti-abusive ways are in line with their arrogant, opponent. Because of his natural talent against the lightaber light, he hurryed quickly, the success of his ego, and came to view himself as a Yoda game. His choice on Shen's form made him better during the warm involvement of Blaster enemies, such as the Battle of Geonosis, and became a complicated lightaber duelist. Skywalker also read VI form to develop his double-blades skills, although he notes that he works mainly on this as a control function, and he did not know that he would have to use it, as well as Ataru. Skywalker's thinking was wrong when he held Dooku during the fight against the First Battle of Geonosis and many other times during Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars period, Anakin's two-party management became increasingly clear, allowing him to fight with duelists, even though he had two blades, with the best enemies, though he was lost at times.
However, the Skywalker realized that he still had to learn when talking to Count Dooku. Originally using Ataru against Count, the Skywalker was forced to return to the usual routes of Form V when Dooku destroys more burden. His ability was enough for Anakin to fight against Dooku even for longer than his Master, even to get Countful praise with his abilities, but he was forced to use his power more Power to match Dooku's speed and clarity, fatigue faster. Makashi's most high-quality Makashi style got a day, and the Skywalker lost his arm when he opened.

Anakin Skywalker uses Djem So against Dooku.
As the Clone Wars continued, the Skywalker spent the following years of technology enhancing his skills in his warfare. You started studying Djem So a separate form of Form V and is used to harass its opponents, and he is known to attack his opponents for fraud. Evidence of his firmness included dealing with trained Dojj Ventress or IG-100 confusing MagnaGuards, as well as a lot of competition made by Obi-Wan Kenobi. At one point, he had worked with Kenobi and Kit Fisto in the same way.
Trusting both power and stability, the Skywalker provided the ability to skip or avoid enemy attack while providing statistics. At the time of the Teth War, Skywalker was able to control himself against Dooku, as his protest in Tatooine showed. At times he used Ataru-styled acrobatics and included Mandla's attack on using his Indian training during the war, but he chose to rely on clean Djem during the lightsaber duels. Violent Form V encouraged the nurses to try to control their enemies, and while the war was moving forward, the Skywalker grew hot with anger and rage on rising volumes, moving closer to the darkness of power. This is repeatedly shown in his suburbs with Dooku, when Anakin, pressing his fury, was able to disturb Dooku regularly, though he did not have a great deal of effort. When speaking to Dooku during the last time, the improved Skywalker's ability to fit equally with Dooku and, while struggling with the fears and anger caused by Dooku's ridicule, quickly interrupted the great makashi user of the time, demonstrating two great powers and vibrating speed as he drives and hits back to protect Doku directly, and was expelled from the hands of the Count before stabbing him.

Before his death, Dooku admitted that Skywalker was the most famous Djem So stylist he had never seen. It also testified to Dr Sidious that the Skywalker was ready for apprentice.
Both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto described the Skywalker as "a strong addict." Indeed, because Skywalker needed Fisto as soon as he knew Kenobi, this gave him an opportunity to look at Nautolan's weaknesses in the fight against strategies.
Sith Lord
"... someone can do interesting things about saber, you know, I'll do my utmost to show you everything if you work together."
-Darth Vader, his daughter Leia

Djem of Vader So he faces Kenobi's Soresu.
When finally Anakin Skywalker took a black side and Dr Vader was renamed, he kept his position in Form V, but he used it in a very cruel way, becoming a scary opponent. However, his abuse was a deadly mistake, for he would be governed by that would result in his anger. Although he was a young, powerful, competent player, and a swift man, given a great deal of strength to the power of any other Force, which allowed him to kill all the Jedis he met, including the love of Batlemlem Cin Drallig, the best soldier in the temple, had no experience , calm, and insist that his former master had. Although Vader can not, he can call on the black side to win his opponents, his disturbing emotions affecting Mustafar, holding his decision and preventing him from completing his form with Kenobi. While Vader's power occupied his fortress, Kenobi's power was always safe.

Kenobi was regarded as the greatest king of style that was not Soresu on the Jedi Order, and his entire dedication would be crucial to his victory. Vader, annoyed by his inability to abuse this, began to make mistakes and left open what he might have avoided if he remained steadfast and impatient. Kenobi, like the last two and General Grievous, will use his "waiting" philosophy, fully trusting in his defense and use of power until the opponent is frustrated or depressed, causing him to open the case that Kenobi may use. Mader's anxiety and pride have led him to make a deadly decision, and it led to his extermination and great slavery.
Initially after receiving this garment, Mader was forced to rely on his newly developed and accessible power, using a sophisticated way of direct protest that was used to dress his opponent. The first appearance was seen in the Soresu and Ataru buildings that worked together in partnership with Djem So strikes, as reported by Jedi Master Roan Shryne where Bader joined Bob Chatak.

Vader is fighting Kento Marek
However, Vader was able to conquer this limit rapidly, upgrading the filtered version of Djem. So he continued to incorporate Ataru and Soresu elements, but added Makashi with Juan mixture. In fact, during his visit to Kashyyyk, Vader had featured all kinds of fights into his war-style-even the highest and most dangerous. Instead of trying to fight a fierce and heavy gun, Vader fought with it, using his helmet's weight and his powerful prothetic to provide his extraordinary strength, while focusing on extensively focused sides and resources. ] In this new fashion, Vader also discovered his old art, and his performance worked in a cruel way. He did not use more than a hit, and his sword showed unusual clarity, unpredictable, and fast, despite the two hands that he liked. Even his simplest steps have enough strength to quench his opponents.

Vader worked hard to use this unique approach in many ways, sometimes choosing to fight, using the imperfect nature of Makashi, with clear reliance on the movement of the movement, but because of the extra strength of the prosthetics he had given her, the great force. He showed this approach against the likes of Olee Starstone and Skywalker. When compelled to protect, Vader, apparently used Soresu in

While using his best-fashioned style, even against many opponents, the Vader aims at a clearer way and the alteration of striking strikes, as shown in his third time against Luke Skywalker in Bespin and against Shryne in Kashyyyk. Vader learned his lesson from his table with Kenobi, able to hear his emotions when he fought and called black rash while he did not see blind people running amok, struggling with determination and endlessness rather than anger. Vader also trained on combat droids to keep his sharp skills, using ASP-19s with 3.5 ABY. Based on the ASP-series droid, the ASP-19 was a lightaber for faster and more powerful droids than a normal person and organized with the information of 100 company management and 12 styles of fighting. Madad won them constantly, so he ordered new batches, better. As his finesse and his skill were urgent, Vader found that he was so easy to win, so that he even had to fight with them in two games for each other. Despite his decline, Vader had a small defense problem on duelists using quick styles such as Ataru, as he showed against Starkiller and Jedi Master An'ya Kuro.


After Mader's injuries, his natural ability was greatly enhanced by the addition of his cybernetic development. Additionally, Madad kept the ability to expand her physical skills by using Mandla. In fact, despite the serious weight of his protective clothing and drug addiction, Vader's vote with Force Speed enabled him to move faster than one's eye could be seen through the force of the Force force. He often demonstrated the ability to lift and hold an elderly man on the ground during artwork without any apparent effort. As shown by Captain Raymus Antilles and Day Day Potkin, among others, he could not crush the human throat. The Vader showed remarkable physical strength and resistance to pain throughout his life as Sith. At least once, he was hit directly in the bosom with vibroblade and did not react in any situation. Additionally, his drugs and weapons allowed him to survive the deadly disasters caused by explosion, poisoning, disease, and even parking space. She also offered Vader a lot of drugs for depressing her to help her work with her wounds. However, this suit was used naturally, so its health support programs were at risk of electrical transmission.
While Vader is usually dependent on breath breathing breathing, he may use the dark side to heal lung damage during his meditation. However, because of the temporary enjoyment that he himself experienced as a result of the healing himself to distract his focus and to hold the needed darkness to preserve the power of black healing, for the first time, the relief he felt only for a few seconds and even gradually added, Vader was able to save it for a few minutes successfully. However, he was sure he should continue to work hard and get the strength needed, and eventually he would be able to use it permanently and never again be arrested. Indeed, when he arrived in Athens, his sad attitude and fury gave him more than enough anger to use this form of healing at a very high level in what he could do in the normal atmosphere of the universe longer than his hat, even when he was trying hard.
Apart from the support of the life that gave her lost body, Sister Vader's weapons provided limited protection to lightabers. With her brave courage and her son deep inside the Cloud City, the rapid injury from Luke's lightaber seemed to cut off only weapons, although this was enough to cry out loudly from the Black Lord. However, many weapons are made for the purpose of doing things without lamps, as Vader is worried that he can grow up if he relies very well in his valleys to protect him with duels.
Despite strong Sith Nkosi, Dr Vader was not always able to generate fires, as the major cybernetic development in his body and the availability of the electronics system his support for his life created any attempt by Mader's fire to carry the risk of causing these systems to reach short, perhaps deadly effects. He can not completely use it, but, as he has used it periodically, especially when it's near the Caiburr Crystal that strengthens it. In this case, he produced a "Powerful light" in the Knitit state, which he used against his son. However, the crystal also seemed to undermine Vader's self-control until he tried to kill Luke during a duel period, despite his intense desire to seize him. Therefore, it is not known whether the Vader has a crystal protected from the potentially hazardous effects of power generation, or to discard its self-control until it detects the accidents. On one occasion, he demonstrated the power to redirect the existing electricity. During his war with Starkiller in Kamino, he was able to collect tropical gas from the pipeline to fight against and to fight against him. He had a Force Lightning machine that allowed him to call Force Lightning directly over the opponent, then directing the war on the War. The Vader also reflects both the ability to block and direct the Energy Force light, such as when he and his Galen Marek cooler on the first Death Star board. You can also use his lighting lamp to explore the massive explosion of voltage power.
In the fight, Vader was very powerful in using telekinetic attacks, and was often used freely of his telekinetic skills among duels. He could energize the Power of Power and the Germans, and he was able to combat the defense of the Galen Marek Force-sensitives Telekinetic and Starkiller's page. He was very aware of the effectiveness of Capturing Power and Power Wave, and could make enough power for both attacks to easily kill Force-insensitive attackers. Primarily, he was able to use the force of Force Waves to kill most opposers at the same time. Always exercising the power of the Coach and Force Crush Commissioner in his life, Mader seemed to be very powerful in their use. In addition to just requiring a live view to capture the victim with power, even with the ability to easily kill them, he was also one of the few who could achieve the same result without needing to look, as shown by how he interrupted a man while not looking at him. The Vader also had the power to use the Organization to destroy the internal parts of the stone, and to crush the war machine.
One of Mader's favorite tricks among the duels was using the Force Throw to distinguish things from his place and to put them in arguments. This applied to both effective and effective attacks on its opponents. Darth Vader used this tactic past in Mustafar and Obi-Wan Kenobi, tied to wooden timber and shooting them. However, the control of Kenobi Soresu allowed him to abstain from fish. After receiving his weapons, Dr Vader used this strategy to reduce Roan Shryne in Kashyyyk, breaking off planks platforms in the military and Jedi waves from all sides. Obviously his most widely known use of this talent was not against Luke Skywalker during his duel in Bespin, where he used to hit the Skywalker in the rooms that they did not have. His success in this way was further strengthened by removing the phone by throwing taxi without requiring using "throwing" movement almost all the use of the senses used. This was especially evident when he fought against Luke in Baspin, where his son surprised his son by removing a box of taxis while he was holding two bladelock. Additionally, if you use this process against Roan Shryne, Vader is only in one place with his hands tied to his chest.
At one point, Mader had studied with Sidious about how to convey the plain plain and take the form of power, which would later be accomplished with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

Languages are known
The Skywalker installed it well on the Galactic Basic Standard and Butterfly, and it is understandable to a degree that the Binary oral version of the Binary language. He had returned to Sith as Dr Vader.
Other skills
"I can fix anything."
Anakin Skywalker

Skywalker at his starfighter during the Coruscant War
Anakin Skywalker was a talent person. He was well-known for his extraordinary experiments, the skills he acquired as Jedi ace and Tan, and led some to be the best star in the room. Between the position of the Skywalker as a slave, he made himself a name as a podracer. He was one of the few and the least of whom had the driving directions of podracer, because of his empathy. The Skywalker won the Boonta Eve Classic nine-year-old competition, an act of independence. Skywalker's youngest attracted many people to the Republic: during the Naobo War, tested Naboo starfighter and destroyed the Dhip Control Control. His efforts undoubtedly helped to win the war, but he was just an example of his future skills.
During the Clone Wars, Skywalker is one of the most beautiful and most famous stars in the Republic. He makes good points; noteworthy was his ability to open fire just before passing through enemy buildings, leaving a little time to escape. He also expressed great confidence in the pursuit of his goals and the sealing of the targeted pins. The final ability was to show his son, Luke. His skills receive the care of both Chanellor Palpatine and his friends. At the Battle of Coruscant, Skywalker was able to safely get to the vast area of the Cruiser Invisible Hand, despite the fact that he was sailing on a ship, and could not be built to reach the earth, as well as to prove that it was possible to board a ship.
Even after his cyborg conversion, the Skywalker, then known as the Golden Vader, was a very deadly driver despite reducing power connections. He was fully aware of his monitoring skills, able to predict the movement of his purposes during a clear look. In his unique TIE Advanced x1 era, his skills as a police pilot were intimidated by each one crossing his way. During War Yavin, Mader destroyed the first Rebel miners who tried to bomb bombs first. He then destroyed two fighters, most of which had been carried out by airplanes. In a third party he killed Bigger Brigitte, one of the rebellious pilots, and killed the Wedge Antilles and the Luke Skywalker's X-wings, reports R2-D2. If not at the end of Han Solo's last minute, Vader would probably have killed Luke, and Javin would be destroyed. His skills were also demonstrated during the TIE training period, Vader, after he had allowed himself to use his job, was able to shoot everyone despite having special computers and roaming disabilities before the founding, saving Colonel Vindoo Barvel, considered to be the best, last-minute message. He then intervened with Barvel, doing various things that the TIEs would not be able to handle everything before assaulting him despite Barvel's good escape efforts. This worst disturbance at Villian Dance, the TIE Pilot involved in this work, was recalling his skills at this event, suicide suicide by taking over his TIE engine in the case of Vader and being expelled from him.

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