Could Force-Sensitive Yuuzhan Vongs be stopped?

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gold slorg
Thinking of it, I came to realize that what Yuuzhan'tar did to the species by taking them totally outside the Force was perhaps saving the entire universe. Many people claim that Vongs are such insane opponents because Jedi don't have any of their advantages in a fight; no Force Sense, no precog, no telekinesis. But really, now imagine, how powerful the Vong would be if they actually all had the Force restored to them.

Onimi got where he did not through preeminent training, knowledge, development in the Force. He just restored the Force to him via accident, experimenting with yammosk tissue that landed in his brain. Any mastery he may have gained within the realm of the Force was solely his own experiments, since his species didn't posses any training resources.

Onimi reached his immense power solely by just restoring the Force and further experiments. There was nothing more to it.

Now what if all the Vongs regained the Force connection? If Onimi reached the level of gods of the Force via accident, even if he was the equivalent of Chosen One among the Vongs, how absurd is that? How insane could the other Vongs be?

Even if you take Onimi as having Anakin-tier potential, and other Vongs as Johun Othone-tier potential, the amount of Force power other Vongs would gain in the years it took Onimi to reach this power on his own without knowledge nor training, would be unbelievable for complete randoms.

It would essentially mean the entire species of Asajj Ventress-tier combatants. The lowest foot soldiers would be entire squads of Plo Koons.

I legit don't think the Yuuzhan Vong could be stopped if they had the Force. It would take few days of invasion even against the strongest empires; Galactic Empire in its fullest, without Rebel Alliance ever being created, wouldn't stand any chance. There would legit be no power in the galaxy to stop them.

Palpatine would solo the species


When I think about it, I realized that what Juuzhan'tar did in these forms with absolute reliability was the possibility of setting the world. Many people say Vongs oppose opposition because Jedi does not have their advantage in the war; There is no Sense Power, no precog, no telekinesis. But in fact, now think how Vong would have been strong at all times able to regain power.

Onim arrived where he did not have training, skills, development in Energy. Then he returned to the force of the accident, trying to get the kimmosk tissue into his brain. Any management that he could get from the Society's area was his sole test, because his or her resources do not have the training resources.

Onimi succeeded only with its main powers for regaining power and continuous assessment. There was nothing in it.

Now what if all Vongs also get Power Connection? If Onim reached the level of the goddess of War, though he was equal to the elect among the angels, what does that mean? Are some of the unwise songs?

Even if you take Onimi as a powerful man named Anakin-tier, and other Vongs as the Johun Othone-three potential, the Power Force Force will take years to get Onim to achieve this power alone without skill or training, anxiety to get perfect.

It will mean all types of Asjj Ventress-three's three fighters. Fewer of the foot soldiers can be a Plo Koons squad.

I do not think Yuuzhan Vong can be stopped when he has power. It can take a few days even to attack a more powerful kingdom; The whole kingdom of Galactic, apart from the Rebellion Rebellion, will not allow any opportunity. Then it is impossible for galaxy to prevent them.

Just 'cause Onimi is powerful doesn't mean that other force sensitives would also be gifted. Also, training =/= power growth. Anakin was being held back from his full potential as a jedi, since they wanted him to focus on meditation. Anakin could have surpassed Onimi early on, had he been in a similar circumstance.

With the Force, the Vong would have powers, but they also wouldn't have the advantage of being immune to the jedi's powers. Essentially, they'd become the Sith, which the Jedi have had a long history of being able to defeat.

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