Are Star Destroyers even useful?

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Why are Star Destroyers used? If one Ion Cannon used on Hoth could disable full gigantic Imperial Star Destroyer, what is the point of use for them? To transport starfighters and troopers?

Why are Ion Cannons not used more?

gold slorg
This ion cannon is called v-150 Planet Defender, and it has an independent power source and is several magnitudes more powerful than any normal ship-based cannon, just so you know.

And, umm, first thing you need to understand is that that's how military tech works. Things developed to counter another things, those developed to combat another things. Star Destroyers are useless against ground-based ion cannons, but the v-150 is dead if small assault starfighters break through, and the starfighters are stomped by quad-cannon armed frigates (Tartan, Lancer). v-150 Planet Defender and it's lethal counterpart, W-165 planetary turbolaser, are just that, they're ground-based stationary weapon of immense power, but they can be utilized only on the ground of the planets, and obviously their coverage is limited, so a planet needs to have them in multiple spots.

Then keep in mind planetary invasions are only 50% of the conflicts, rest takes place in space. Normal cruisers are hopeless against ships of Star Destroyer size, and frigates and corvettes are fodder cannon to them. So really, the fact that planets have means of defense against Star Destroyers doesn't make them useless.

Next thing is, the cannon you are talking about - v-150 Planet Defender - is huge, it takes enormous space, it's firerate is terribly slow, it can only disable the ships for some time, so it doesn't really make Star Destroyers redundant even in planetary invasions versus well-defended worlds.

And funny thing is, v-150 Planet Defender, the ion cannon, isn't that powerful when you compare it to the W-165 planetary turbolaser, this cannon can solo an Imperial I. And then you have Loronal Planetary Defense Cannon, which is even 4 times stronger and can shred the destroyer to pieces lmao.

Hmm, thx.

No they aren't, their implementation within the fleet was ironic- a prank- some Imperial Governor's equivalent to shitposting. But because the Emperor is autistic he took the joke seriously and made them the cornerstone of the Imperial Navy.

One Big Mob
"Hey bro you should make frigate destroyers and call them STAR DESTROYERS... *snickers*"

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