Favorite AP Quotes

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I thought I'd show one of our members a little love. AP has made several statements throughout the years that have showed their bravery, intelligence and courage and I thought it was high time we show it some well deserved respect.


Post your favorite AP quotes below! smile

That has to be fake

EDIT: It's not, lol. AP gets inseminated by Ant Live on Camera

Freedon Nadd
I honestly don't think Ancient Power wants a post about her.

You're right Nadd, they're too modest. But it's our duty as their friends and colleagues to give it the praise it deserves imo.

Freedon Nadd
She doesn't even care.

Here AP heroically roasts the blasphemer that was Ant before he came to his senses and befriended the great revealer of truths.


Edit: The best part of the above is that AP actually gives Ant advice to better himself as a person ( advice he obviously took ).

in for a classic thread

This is going to be good.

gold slorg
I honestly have a legit question.

Why the **** did you forge those? It's not even some giant wank. I mean, I would understand Skillz forging some quotes claiming "Valkorion was the most powerful being ever" in a nutshell, Selenial forging something that implies Shaak Ti is a match for Kenobi, or something like that.

But this?

What was even the point?

I believe that if you're really risking it all and forging stuff, let's do it only if it's really, really beneficial and worth the risk. Why fake sources that aren't even a trump card at all? What's even the actual point in doing so?

This is the equivalent of robbing a bank to steal ****ing 20 dollars and the pen. Driving across the entire continent for a ****ing kebab. WHY?

I can't have troll/bash threads popping up, guys.

IF AP would like to respond to the...eh...'commentary' here, he/she/it can PM me and I'll reopen it. Until then, closing.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.