Jedi Exile Meetra Surik: How powerful is she?

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First off, the Jedi High Council members of this era are very strong:

Some are even capable of contending with the great Sith Lords of the Star Wars mythos:

Master Draay is among the most skilled Jedi High Council members:

Jedi High Council members Kavar, Vrook Lamar, Lonna Vash and Zez-Kai Ell together are strong enough to strip the Exile of the Force:

NOTE: They are however stopped, dominated and drained of power by Darth Traya:

The Jedi Exile goes on to defeat the entire Sith Triumvirate:

This is in spite of the fact the entire Galactic Republic is feeding the Sith triumvirate's power:

This same energy weakens Jedi:

The Triumvirate as a whole maintained a philosophy of a pyramid of power, as we see Sith Blademasters; equivalent to Jedi Battlemasters, actively have to earn their way to the top in duels against Force users:

These Sith started out as Revanchists and were strong enough to survive the Sith Civil War after Malak's fall:

Meetra Surik is forced to fight through an entire legion of these elite Sith with sheer strength and power:

Darth Traya is the most senior and powerful of the Triumvirate right up to the betrayal of Sion and Nihilus:

Traya's capable of using powers in the way Darth Nihilus did:

She is defeated by the Jedi Exile in the midst of a massive dark side nexus:

This is immense. The Jedi Exile goes from being overwhelmed by the combined might of the Jedi High Council members to defeating an entire legion of elite Sith, Darth Sion and then Darth Traya. The one who effortlessly stomped the Jedi High Council prior to draining their power. In the midst of an immeasurably powerful dark side nexus. Proving she is stronger:

The Exile has years of growth after this:

On Dromund Kaas she holds her own against Darth Nyriss:

Essentially what happens is:

1.Meetra giving Nyriss the advantage early on by opting to dodge her lightning which forces Meetra to adopt a defensive style and thus Nyriss uses her physicality to force Surik down to her knee when she can't break through the Exile's Soresu.

2.Meetra absorbs the worst of Nyriss' lightning with an instinctive barrier but is knocked back.

3.I ommitted the Lord Scourge parts because all he actually contributes is nudging Nyriss' instinctive barrier enough that she moves slightly. Otherwise he gets one-shotted twice.

None of this accounts for the immense dark side power that Dromund Kaas and the Emperor himself provides here. Dromund Kaas alone, is strong enough to make six Sith sabers a tough fight for Grand Master Luke and FOTJ Jaina Solo.

By far the most impressive thing Meetra gets from SWTOR is this accolade:

The Hero postulates that the Jedi Exile resisted the Emperor's influence, which Lord Scourge agrees with. This is impressive because this is almost impossible but for only the strongest Force-users:

I find the Exile to be easily one of the most underrated Jedi in the mythos.

Makes sense, the Exile *was* Revan's defacto second in command (excluding Malak).

inb4 everyone trashes this thread.

But I agree, she's frequently overlooked here as being among some of the most powerful.

Freedon Nadd
Nerfed in the Revan novel.

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