Try to improve Anakin/Padme romance story

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I think Padme should play a bigger role in EP I, to trust Anakin when others don't to form a special bond. Shmi's death could have been moved to EP I.

Then EP II's main blast could be with Anakin/Padme instead of Shmi's death.

EP III should have been more about Anakin/Padme rather than Anakin/Obi Wan.

Sith Master X
Honestly, I think EP III was more about Anakin and Padme.

After about 50 minutes into ROTS, Anakin and Obi-wan have a nice conversation ending with "may the force be with you."

We then don't see them together again for nearly an hour, and the next time they meet they are sworn enemies.

I mean it didn't ruin the movie or anything, but I think some better plot devices could have been explored here.

Lord Lucien
There's no improving their story without scrapping the prequel's entire screenplay and rebuilding it from the ground up; new writers, new directors, new actors, the works. It has everything wrong with it.

make it a love triangle between obi, ani and padme.

Padme and ani are the same age, obis a bit older as he is Anakins master after all

Padme has moments with both throughout the trilogy but her feelings for Anakin are stronger and they get together, have Anakins turn happen a lot sooner and part of the reason he turns is he thinks Obi and Padme are having an affair when in actuality they are just close friends, then when Anakin chokes padme out later on it'll have much more meaning,

Kenobis guilt over how the situation played out will be a much better reason for him to exile himself and watch their kid also

I don't think Anakin should have raped her. That's a romance killer usually.

Lord Lucien
ALLEGEDLY raped her.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.