What happened to the Shadow Collective?

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Eli Vanto
Why didn't Maul maintain control over all the crime syndicates of Shadow Collective after the events of SOD?

Why and when did he rebrand it into Crimson Dawn.....and why didn't Sidious ever step in again to stop him?

After the events of SoD, Maul lost direct control over the Hutts, Pykes, and Black Sun, and the Shadow Collective was officially disbanded.

But as we recently saw, Maul has already formed Crimson Dawn as of TCW S07, still has a loose control over the Pykes, and obviously still controls the primary faction of Mandalorians. He'll maintain control of Mandalore until the upcoming Siege of Mandalore, and will keep his fragile alliance with the Pykes until sometime after Solo, but obviously well before ANH. We still don't know what happens that makes Maul walk away from Crimson Dawn -- all we know is that by the time of Rebels S02, Crimson Dawn was evidently no longer a thing, and Maul had been stuck on Malachor for some time.

I would imagine that Maul could have certainly reasserted control over all the crime syndicates by force if he wanted to, but that would have likely put him on Palpatine's radar as a potential threat/rival again... Which he obviously didn't want to risk.

I think at this point Maul is fine with controlling a single, powerful crime syndicate, because it's less likely that the Empire would interfere with it. The Solo VD mentions that the Empire tended to turn a blind eye toward smaller-scale criminal activity:


SOLID view.

Furthermore; maintaining control over crime syndicates across the Galaxy for indefinite period is not practical for a lone individual. The shadow groups have vested interests of their own and their alliances do not last long with numerous individuals vying for greater power and control than before in the mix. Outside interference from forces beyond one's control is another issue altogether. If the controlling body is struggling, the shadow groups beneath will take this as a sign of weakness and some will openly rebel.


I find your views well-constructed and thoughtful on average. Your knowledge of the lore is impressive and your raw debating talent is apparent beneath. thumb up

My interest in Star Wars have diminished as of late. Expansion of the lore under Disney have low appeal to me because they shat on the Skywalkers and made Darth Vader's sacrifice worthless, although their are memorable works in the mix.

Part of the lore now classified as LEGENDS could be declared ALTERNATE UNIVERSE of Star Wars but they shat on this line-of-work as well.

It would be wise to declare works of BioWare as the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE of Star Wars which shall be allowed to expand in any direction. BioWare have significant contributions to the lore of Star Wars, and this should be respected.

Thanks, man.

I used to follow the "Legends" side of things avidly, but these days I just focus on canon material, because good or bad, it's all that "counts" now.

So as of RotS, Maul evidently still had more direct control over the criminal syndicates than was previously hinted at.

He was shown commanding the figureheads of Black Sun, the Pykes, and Crimson Dawn to go into hiding before Order 66 fully kicked off:


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