If/when Rey restarts the Jedi Order??

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Eli Vanto
What do you think it will be like? Who will she recruit? How do you think it would differ from the Jedi Order of the PT?

And do you think she'd make a good "Grand Master"?

Total Warrior

Rey would probably make a good Grand Master, but I imagine the Jedi would be drastically changed tbh. More about helping others in general rather than conforming to the PT rules.

Rey would probably start off much like Luke did, and recruit a handful of Force-sensitive beings, with Finn as her #2.

And given that much of Rey's training stems from texts that are thousands of years old, she'd likely use that as the foundations for her Order... Which wouldn't exactly be a bad thing, as it would get back to the roots of what Jedi were meant to be.

Though I can't imagine Rey as of RoS trying to instruct anyone about the ways of the Force. She has a long way to go before I could see her being a decent teacher.

Eli Vanto
Good point. I wonder how much longer it would take rey to become a confident teacher??

Even Luke needed a number of years before he became a good teacher.

Even with Rey's potential she still needs years longer before she could teach anyone. The girl barely even understands the Force.

I wouldn't say that Rey "barely" understands the Force. She actually gained a quite a bit of experience and understanding when she linked minds with Kylo, read the ancient texts, and trained with Leia.

But I agree that as of RoS, she was in no position to be teaching anyone about the ways of the Force and how to become a Jedi. You need to have a deep comprehension, understanding, and mastery of a given subject before you can adequately pass it on to others, and Rey's just not there yet. Even Luke waited like 10 years after RotJ before he began training a new generation of Jedi, and he had amassed FAAAAR more knowledge(from multiple eras) than Rey has.

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