How strong were the likes of Kaan, Lord Hoth, Farfalla and so on

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Total Warrior

Eli Vanto
PT Council level imo.

The problem with Bane trilogy characters is the reverse scaling. Even prime Bane is considered sub Maul by most people these days. And prime Bane is massively above these guys. I find very hard to belive they are PT council level. They are Secura level or something IMO.

Hard to say in Hoth's case, there's not much to go off of. He's the strongest member of a pretty pathetic army of Jedi, and that's basically it.

Kaan is actually really impressive as a telepath, but he doesn't seem to be much of a warrior; as I recall, the thought of fighting someone who could beat Kas'im left him terrified. Versus matches with him wouldn't be very interesting, because it'd basically boil down to one yes-or-no question: will his TP would work, or or will it not?

Farfalla is alright, I guess. His portrayal in RoT kind of reminds me of Meetra's portrayal in the Revan novel. I doubt he'd be up to par with members of the PT Jedi Council.


Lord Stark
Most PT Councilors would smoke this trash

Well, they are not mooks.

The TOP 50 were strong:

A small collection of Sith Masters, Kaan standing at their head, waited to greet the reinforcements as they disembarked. They might have been only fifty in number, but each one of them was a Sith Lord: more powerful than an entire division of soldiers.

Taken from Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

Lord Kaan had impressive telepathic abilities on top.

Lord Kas'im was the finest swordsman of the era, and well-rounded. Probably the most capable combatant of the time.

Darth Bane even entertained the prospects of Lord Kas'im joining the Rule of Two but the latter was SOLD to the principles of Brotherhood.

Crian Maru was crazy impressive and she seems to have been a more standard Jedi Master at the time. Presumably people like Hoth and Raskta would be far more powerful than her.

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