Given the new evidence...

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Total Warrior
I'd say Lucas's statements about Sid being a 100 and Vader an 80 is now outdated and wrong. So taking into consideration the most recent canon feats, how strong compared to Canon RoTJ Sid would these guys be?

RotJ Sid: 100

RoS Sid: ?

RotJ Vader: ?

Darth Tyranus: ?

Darth Maul: ?

Ahsoka Tano: ?

Kylo Ren: ?

Yoda: ?

Obi Wan Kenobi: ?

Quinlan Vos: ?

You can add other characters, even from Legends

Vader would probably be like 85-90 now



RotJ Sid: 100

RoS Sid: Over 100 to some degree. Kylo stated that RoS Palpatine(in his rotting clone body) had the strongest presence in the Force that he had ever sensed, which automatically scales him above the likes of Snoke and Luke(who were implied to be =/> RotJ Palpatine.) Then Palpatine's power increased massively after absorbing the Dyad.

RotJ Vader: 90ish. These days I think he was a LOT closer to Palpatine's level than most would like to think.

Darth Tyranus: 70

Darth Maul: 65

Ahsoka Tano: 70

Kylo Ren: 70ish

Yoda: 80

Obi Wan Kenobi: 67

Quinlan Vos: 70ish


I agree with Galan007. Maybe I would put Obi-Wan at 70.

Yoda is twice as powerful as Dooku so if Yoda is 80 Dooku is 40.

It was recently stated that the GoA character guidesheets aren't canon. I think Darthadi posted the link not too long ago.

Good to hear.

I never accepted that crap as canon anyways.

So Sidious is no longer > Yoda

The GoA character guides(ie. these) are non-canon. IOW, Yoda is not 2x Dooku.

The GoA animated shorts themselves are still canon, though(where they don't contradict the films of course.)

Ah okay.

Originally posted by Galan007
IOW, Yoda is not 2x Dooku.

Did you truly believe he was?

Until it was stated that the GoA guides weren't canon, sure.

Wouldn't exactly be the craziest thing that's happened in canon. /shrug

Prof. T.C McAbe
At their peak when not given an certain moment in time.

RotJ Sid: 100

RoS Sid: 95

RotJ Vader: 90

Darth Tyranus: 80

Darth Maul: 75

Ahsoka Tano: 75

Kylo Ren: 75

Yoda: 100

Obi Wan Kenobi: 80

Quinlan Vos: 75

Snoke: 80

Rey: 70

Snoke would be a 100 in terms of force power.

Lord Stark
Rey: 210 (Jedi Amp)
ROS Sidious: 200 (Dyad + Sith Amp)

ROTJ Sidious: 100
ROTS Sidious: 95
Yoda: 94
Snoke: 94
Mother Talzin: 90
Peak Vader: 90

ROTS Anakin: 85
Tyranus: 80

Vos: 75
Kylo Ren: 75
Ashoka: 70
Kenobi: 70
Maul: 65

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