RE: Final Obi Wan vs Darth Maul scene

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Or did he mean he has risen above his fear and ego etc hence a more sage person ?


Honestly, it's open to your interpretation. His statement doesn't have any one, singular fixed meaning. Obi-Wan his risen above so, so many things in his years. He's risen above the mistakes of the Jedi, the folly of the Clone Wars, the arrogance of his youth. He's grown beyond the general he once was, and sees the world in an entirely new light. His purpose is no longer protecting a flawed, corrupt, and crumbling Republic. Rather, he is protecting the bright hope of the Galaxy's future. In virtually every way, Obi-Wan has truly risen above who he once was as a person and as a Jedi.

Now, in regards to power and whatnot, that's definitely not the focus Obi-Wan's statement. Raw power only matters so much in the face of true conviction or next to the will of the Force. He isn't doing what Anakin did during the final duel with Dooku. He isn't boasting about how much his powers have grown. He isn't bragging about being a better duelist, or stronger in the Force. Because he understands those things aren't all that important in that moment.

Maul couldn't see that, in the final encounter. He was still stuck in the past, as I believe Dave Filoni said. Always stuck in the hangar on Naboo, agonizing over what he lost and what could have been. He never moved on. But Obi-Wan did. He rose above his resentment for Maul over Qui-Gon's death. Maul was just a footnote to him now. Almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of what was at play in the Galaxy. Insignificant next to the importance of his true mission on Tatooine. Obi-Wan would have even let Maul walk away in that moment, if the former Sith could have just given up on his grudge. It wasn't until Maul threatened Obi-Wan's purpose that Obi-Wan decided he had to act. And the moment he made that decision, Maul was already dead.

I always thought he meant that he was able to rise above the temptation of the dark side and the feelings of anger or revenge despite losing everyone and everything that was dear to him: Qui Gon, Satine, Anakin, the Jedi Order and the republic.

And ultimately, he never completely lost hope or gave up on the light prevailing in the end.

I think he was taking a jab at Maul basically calling him a loser.

Which he was.

I saw it as basically look what he overcame in a way, Anakin's betrayal, Order 66, having to be a hermit on Tatooine for 2 decades etc.

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